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We open WalledGarden? social networks based on
not free software to the public.

The [[wikileaks-wiki?]] gathers information about wikileaks, whistleblowing and Anonymous. It’s a center-wiki for suchlike sites and their friends and supporters. See our web-site list web-site list for the home pages in the wikileaks-wiki, please.

All the world can edit the wikileaks-wiki: Click edit this page up to the right. There is no registration. Merely answer the question above the save button down to the left once before saving for the first time.

There are more ways to contribute: Post to the Mµs tag WikiLeak Mµs tag WikiLeaks or to the groups wikileaks groups wikileaks.

For your own security, please do not post leaks to this wiki. Instead use the secure mechanism described on the official page The wikileaks-wiki is all public. It memorizes the IPs of the computers it has been edited from - just like any wiki does.

Find out about the structure of the wikileaks-wiki on the pages feed map, wiki-net grid, search queries, connected web-services or soup, explained. Elucidation about its wiki-net wiki-net comes with the page wiki-net, explained.

The page wikileaks-wiki - wikileaks-wiki aggregates the entire wiki. The page wiki complete wiki complete merges the feeds for the wikileaks-wiki, for the periphery of its associated web-services and for the pages on the
web-site list web-site list.
All feeds in use in the wikileaks-wiki are listed on the page feeds complete feeds complete.

Try out wiki in the sand-box, please. Find short editing instructions in it.

The talk talk is good for first hellos, for questions, weird ideas, discussions, anything. Interesting contents can easily be moved to a specific wiki page by any person and at any time.

The wikileaks-wiki is mpov, it reflects multiple points of view. Core values are tolerance and respect. Contributions written with a neutral point of view are very welcome but such writing style isn’t necessarily required. The wikileaks-wiki is a wiki, not an encyclopedia.

To create links we preferably use local names. Feel free to link as you please though. CamelCase? page names are links: WikiNode for example. But wiki-node reads better.

The wikileaks-wiki sits in the [[kabo-wiki-hive?]] and runs on the free and open source [[oddmuse?]] wiki software. The page about the wikileaks-wiki tells how the wikileaks-wiki came about.


2014-10-27 Face

kabo-wiki-hive - wikileaks-wiki

face [[kabo-wiki-hive_-_wikileaks-wiki_-_face?]] kabo-wiki-hive - wikileaks-wiki - face-feed [en]

not everything

Not everything in the [[wikileaks-wiki?]] works.

But quite a lot does.

2014-07-07 Face

kabo-wiki-hive - wikileaks-wiki

face [[kabo-wiki-hive_-_wikileaks-wiki_-_face?]] kabo-wiki-hive - wikileaks-wiki - face-feed [en]

a piece of tape

Amy Goodman interviews Julian Assage in the Ecuadorian embassy in London.

Julian mentions backdoored hardware in the very end.

One thing you could both do to improve things:

Stick a piece of tape over the silly shining apples of your computers.

It gives you credibility, try it. ;)


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