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feed map

A map of the feeds in the wikileaks-wiki


wiki complete:

feeds complete:

I started on bits to a feed map using the freemind application. There’s been an idea on irc recently:

I could create a day-page-set presenting the current state of the feed jungle in a freemind image. Best would be if it depicted the current state automatically, reading the feed stucture of the wiki. Imaginable?
Watching the pics of the current feed jungle in the neighboring wikis in the wiki-net …
Overlaying feed maps of different wikis to see differences …
Commonly running feed-structure-wikis containing only the currently best feed structure just for other wiki to compare themselves to. A feed-structure-wiki for city-wikis, one for educational wikis, etc.
Plus cracking up the “only the admin can edit feeds, edit who’s a friend, edit who to follow”-problem with a whoisi-like piece of software that allows everybody to change certain things when having answered a captcha. Whoisi was t h e thing! It’s gone unfortunately.
I enter the passwords, the software does the rest. Likely against the TOS’s of many services, imaginable nonetheless.

Example: You do not like that the user account for a wiki follows person xyz but you’re not an admin of the accout. You click edit friends. You answer a captca and you can add or remove one friend.
This will only work when there’s 1.) a community and when 2.) everybody can monitor feed changes easily on different levels. …
Ok, cut 1.). It would work if anyone without being logged into the wiki’s periphery services could monitor feed changes easily. Just as it does with ordinary wiki spam. No feed-spam. Promised.
A captcha a day keeps the spam away.