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2012-11-09 WebSiteList

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kabo-wiki-hive - wikileaks-wiki - web-site list web-site list

Web-sites about WikiLeaks, whistleblowing or Anonymous are included into their home pages in the wikileaks-wiki. The feeds for the web-sites are listed on the page kabo-wiki-hive - wikileaks-wiki - web-site feeds web-site feeds.
Pics:Pic.39.png ← = is included into the wikileaks-wiki from the web-site xxx


  1. WikiLeaksWiki, a center-wiki for web-sites about WikiLeaks, whistleblowing, Anonymous [en]+[xx]-
    kabo-list-wiki - wikileaks-wiki

official web-sites by wikileaks:

  1. facebook page WikiLeaks Cablegate
    facebook - page WikiLeaks Cablegate [en]
  2. facebook page wikileaks
    facebook - page wikileaks [en]
  3. facebook page WikiLeaks The Global Intelligence Files
    facebook - page WikiLeaks The Global Intelligence Files [en]
  4. twitter wikileaks
    twitter - wikileaks [en]
  5. WikiLeaksOrg, the main web-site
    Pics:Pic.39.png [en]

other web-sites about WikiLeaks or whistleblowing:

  1. Adelaide FoWL, Friends of WikiLeaks in Adelaide, Australia
    facebook - group Adelaide Friends of WikiLeaks [en]
    twitter - adfowl [en]
  2. AmpedStatus network, fights for pivotal political reforms - network
  3. BBC search wikileaks, the BBC about WikiLeaks - search wikileaks [en]
  4. cablesearch, search cables in full text [en]
  5. CableWiki, documents, analyzes, summarizes and translates cables [en]+[xx]-
  6. CrowdLeaks, crowdsourced journalism
    ← [[]] [en]
    facebook - page crowdleaks [en]
    twitter - crowdleaks [en]+[de]-
  7. CryptomeOrg, a public library of fifty-eight thousand files published [en]
  8. CyberLaw blog category wikileaks, a news resource for CyberLaw issues
    CyberLaw blog - category wikileaks [en]
  9. Der Spiegel Thema WikiLeaks, the German weekly Der Spiegel on wikileaks
    Der Spiegel - Thema WikiLeaks [de]
  10. facebook group Brisbane Wikileaks Defence, Brisbane, Australia defends wikileaks
    facebook - group Brisbane Wikileaks Defence [en]
  11. facebook group Dagestan WikiLeaks, tell us what you know but are afraid to voice
    facebook - group Dagestan WikiLeaks [ru]
  12. facebook group I Support Wikileaks, the intelligence agency of the people
    facebook - group I Support Wikileaks [en]
  13. facebook group svetu treba vikiliks, Serbia leaks
    facebook - group svetu treba vikiliks [sr]
  14. facebook group Wikileaks Fan Club (Bangladesh), Bangladesh wikileaks fans
    facebook - group Wikileaks Fan Club (Bangladesh) [en]+[xx]-
  15. facebook group WikiLeaks Fans, keep us at the forefront of anti-censorship
    facebook - group WikiLeaks Fans [en]+[xx]-
  16. facebook group wikileaks in Arabian, ويكيليكس
    facebook - group wikileaks in Arabian [ar]
  17. facebook group wikileaks indígena, the Colombian natives’ wikileaks
    facebook - group wikileaks indígena [es]
  18. facebook group Wikileaks La verità ci rende liberi, tieni duro Assange, the truth makes us free
    facebook - group Wikileaks La verità ci rende liberi, tieni duro Assange [it]
  19. facebook group Wikileaks Support, we support wikileaks and Julian Assange!
    facebook - group Wikileaks Support [en]
  20. facebook group wikileaks tagramet, exposes irregularities and manipulations in Tetouan, Morocco
    facebook - group wikileaks tagramet [ar]
  21. facebook group Wikileaks Tetouan, exposes all forms of violations at all levels in Tetouan, Morocco
    facebook - group Wikileaks Tetouan [ar]+[fr]-
  22. facebook page Generation Wikileak, we are Julian’s die heart soldiers
    facebook - page Generation Wikileak [en]
  23. facebook page The WikiLeaks Trap, news and analysis from around the web
    facebook - page The WikiLeaks Trap [en]
  24. facebook page Wikileaks Free Julian Assange, help us to free Julian Assange
    facebook - page Wikileaks Free Julian Assange [en]+[xx]-
  25. facebook page WikiLeaks Yemen, specialized in corruption cases
    facebook - page WikiLeaks Yemen [ar]
  26. federal accountability initiative for reform, protects whistleblowers who protect the public interest, Canada [en]
    facebook - group [en]
    facebook - page [en]
  27. Finland FoWL, Finnish Friends of WikiLeaks
    facebook - page FinFoWL [fi]+[en]-
    twitter - finfowl [fi]+[en]-
  28. FoWL, Friends of WikiLeaks
    facebook - page FoWL [en]
  29. FoWL Austria, Gruppe Österreich
    facebook - page FoWL Austria [de]+[en]-
  30. free WikiLeaks, a support group for a free WikiLeaks
    ← [[]] [de]
    facebook - page FreeWikileaks [en]+[xx]-
  31. freedominfo search WikiLeaks, networks freedom of information advocates globally - search WikiLeaks [en]
  32. [[google_news_wikileaks?]], news on google
    google - news wikileaks [en]+[xx]-
  33. government accountability project, protects corporate, government and international whistleblowers [en]
  34. gulli tag WikiLeaks, about wikileaks on - tag WikiLeaks [de]
  35. LeaksFree, we are anonymous, … expect us [es]+[xx]-
    facebook - page leaksfree [en]+[es]-
  36. LeakSource, leaks around the world [en]
  37. [[list_of_companies_boycotting_WikiLeaks?]], let’s boycott them!
    ← [[facebook_-_page_list_of_companies_boycotting_WikiLeaks?]] [en]
  38. meta-leaks-wiki, posts, tags and discusses orphan leaks
    wikia-hive - meta-leaks-wiki [en]
  39. national whistleblowers center, stands for honesty without fear [en]
  40. netzpolitik search wikileaks, about WikiLeaks on - search wikileaks [de]
  41. open democracy advice center, promotes open and transparent democracy in South Africa [en]
  42. political fail blog, keeps informed on stories that matter [en]
  43. project on government oversight, exposes corruption and other misconduct [en]
  44. public concern at work, an independent authority on public interest whistleblowing [en]
  45. save WikiLeaks, Свободу Сети! Freedom network! [ru]
  46. StateLogs, browse, comment, read the diplomacy cablegate [en]
  47. The Nation blogs media-fix, news about wikileaks every day - blogs media-fix [en]
  48. The Telegraph news wikileaks, the latest news and video on WikiLeaks - news wikileaks [en]
  49. transleaks Japanese, translates WikiLeaks to Japanese
    transleaks - Japanese [jp]
  50. we will not be censored, supports the work of WikiLeaks and free speech [en]
  51. whistleblower-net, an association about whistleblowing in Germany [de]
  52. whistleblowers protection blog, advocates whistleblower rights [en]
  53. whistleblowing Italia, whistleblowing in Italy [it]
  54. Wikileaks Australian Citizens Alliance, the goal is justice, the method is transparency [en]
    facebook - page Wikileaks Australian Citizens Alliance [en]
  55. WikiLeaks Deutschland, Germany’s WikiLeaks
    facebook - page WikiLeaks Deutschland [de]
  56. [[wikileaks-forum?]], it’s time to open the archives
    ← [[]] [en]
    ← [[]] [en]+[xx]-
  57. WikiLeaks Italian, news about WikiLeaks in Italian
    facebook - page WikiLeaks Italian [it]
  58. WikiLeaks Serbia, support from Serbia
    facebook - page WikiLeaks Serbia [sr]
  59. WikiLeaks Türkiye, Turkey’s WikiLeaks
    facebook - page WikiLeaks Türkiye [tr]
  60. WikiLeaks Vienna, the bohemian rhapsody [de]
  61. wlcentral, provides WikiLeaks news, analysis and action [en]
  62. Die Zeit leaks blog, the German weekly Die Zeit on WikiLeaks, OpenLeaks and the consequences - leaks blog [de]
  63. [[yahoo_news_wikileaks?]], news on yahoo
    yahoo - news wikileaks [en]+[xx]-

other whistleblowing web-sites:

  1. Al Jazeera transparency unit, whistleblowing on Al Jazeera [en]
  2. AnonNews, open posting, everything anonymous [en]
  3. BalkanLeaks, the Balkans are not keeping secrets anymore
  4. BayernLeaks, Bavaria leaks [de]
  5. deaddrops, an anonymous, offline, peer to peer file-sharing network in public space [en]
  6. EnviroLeaks, undermining just got easier … [en]
  7. FaceLeaks, leak you friends, anonymously [en]
  8. FrenchLeaks, France leaks [fr]
  9. GlobaLeaks, creates a worldwide leak amplification network [en]
  10. IndoLeaks, Indonesia leaks [ind]
  11. IrishLeaks, sheds light on abuses of power within the Republic of Ireland [en]
  12. IsraeliLeaks, comes soon to an occupied territory near you
    ← [[]] [en]
  13. KanariLeaks, leaks focused on the canary islands [es]
  14. LocaLeaks, submit news tips to news organizations [en]
  15. OpenLeaks, makes whistleblowing safer and more widespread [en]
  16. PinoyLeaks, in the governments of the Philippines, beware of the eagle [en]
  17. PirateLeaks, Czech leaks [cz]
  18. Quebec leaks, Quebec in Canada leaks,
    facebook - page QuebecLeaks [fr]
  19. RadioLeaks, whistleblowing by the Swedish radio - RadioLeaks [sv]
  20. RoSpil, fights theft in Russia [ru]
  21. RuLeaks, Russia leaks [ru]
  22. secrecy news, news on government secrecy - secrecy news [en]
  23. Serbian WikiLeaks, new Belgrade affairs [sr]
  24. TradeLeaks, openness and transparency in trade and commerce [en]
  25. TuniLeaks, Tunisia leaks [en]
  26. UniLeaks, keeps education honest [en]
  27. VatiLeaks, the Vatican leaks [en]
  28. WikiSpooks, a wiki to build a comprehensive reference source of deep political structures and events [en]

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