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Unspecific stuff, text for pages still without a title, first hellos, phrases

Toodle-lew is unspecific. It’s like easily playing around on a musical instrument or what children just sing for fun and against the boredom of the day.

The talk is included into the soup and forwarded into the connected web-services and it’s good like that. On this page you can write something and it isn’t forwarded. Anything.

The sand-box is an alternative page. It has a video about wiki and a short explanation of the formatting rules on top of the ‘try out wiki’ section. It’s more for testing, less for getting feedback.

Toodle-lew in German: [[obm-wiki-Nest_-_Piraten-wiki_-_Dideldum?]].

This page with the subtitle new toodle-lew has been created by somebody (not me) on 2013-05-08.
I first deleted it, writing:

Use the [[en-kabo-sand-wiki?]] to test page creation, please. :)

Then - a few days later - I reverted the deletion as I realized that I had been searching for such a page but lacked a title and the impulse to start it. Toodle-lew to who ever created it.

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