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front - face


You can play and try wiki out here

Test at the end of the page, please. Or
help to improve the instructions on top.

Thank you.

There is also the multilingual sand-box
and sand-boxes in de, fr, [ItKaboCentroWiki:CastelliDiSabbia? it] - or the sand-wikis: [[sand-wiki-en?]], [[Sand-wiki-de?]], [[wiki-à-sable-fr?]].

Enjoy the video “wikis in plain English” explaining about wiki in general, ~ 4 min.

Or see the original. Thanks to producer: Common Craft, director: Lee LeFever.


short instructions on how to write in a kabo-wiki

Click “Pics:Pic.458.png edit this page” to the upper right to go to the edit-mode and to see how it gets done. Write and click save to publish your text in the world wide web.

An empty line

creates a new paragraph. Writing <br>
forces a line shift.

bold, italic, bold italic

list with dots

numbered list

  1. etc.
  2. etc.




new wiki-pages, testing page creation

A WikiWord - two or more joint Words starting with an upper-case letter - creates a new page. Or put double brackets [[around]] a term. It has the same effect.

Write the WikiWord, preview or save the page, click the blue question mark that now appears at the end of the WíkiWord? to open the new wiki page, write, save. You created a new wiki-page. Writing the PageTitle you chose for your page anywhere in the whoRthey-wiki creates a link to it.
Please, do not create shallow pages just for testing in this wiki. You can do that in the en-kabo-sand-wiki. It has been created (also) for that purpose.


See the formatting rules for more about the text formatting.

And now have fun!







they R who?



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