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local names

The local names in the superstition-wiki

Only on this page does every external link on define a local name → URL mapping. (UrlMapping?)

See http://ln.taoriver.net for more about local names.


On this page, LocalNames, add a link like this:

[http://kabowiki.org/hive/Superstition/WikiNode wiki-node]

Which allows us to use simple linking in this wiki:


The result is


The local names in the superstition-wiki work in all wikis in the kabo-wiki-hive as well as in all wikis in wiki hives importing the local names of the kabo-wiki-hive. You find their imports at the end of the page [[kabo-wiki-hive_-_local_names?]].
Using a local name of the superstition-wiki “abroad” requires in most cases to prefix it with the name of the wiki in order to distinguish it from other local names. Thus

[[superstition-wiki - wiki-node]]

The result is

superstition-wiki - wiki-node

To be precise we additionally name the wiki hive

[[kabo-wiki-hive - superstition-wiki - wiki-node]]

The result is

kabo-wiki-hive - superstition-wiki - wiki-node

The page local names is archived in the day-page-set [[local_page_names?]]. It provides the [[local-names-feed?]]. When you modified the page local names create a new day-page local names, please.

our local names


local names


local names imports

the local names of the superstition-wiki are imported by
the superstition-wiki imports the local names from


Define external redirect: local page names UrlMapping local-names-feed kabo-wiki-hive - local names