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wiki список

The list of kabo-wikis working together in Russian with a home page for presentation, support and talk on the ru-kabo-центр-wiki

You reach the page front / blog with a
click on the title of this wiki.

The basic data for the different kabo-wikis are transcluded from the kabo-wiki-list. It lists and categorizes the living wikis in the kabo-wiki-hive for all languages.
For a complete list of all kabo-wikis see kabo-wiki-hive: status.

The wiki-list

To edit the wiki-list first copy the youngest day-entry below into today’s wiki-list. Then you can edit today's wiki-list.
Or click a day in the wiki-list-calendar or the date in the title of a day-entry to open the page. If not yet in edit-mode go to edit this page to the right.

For now please manually synchronize which wikis are currently listed on this page and which wikis are currently listed in our [WikiNetPages? wiki-net].

The [WikiListWiderCalendar? wiki-list / wider calendar] permits a wider view. The full calendar gives access to all day-pages.

our current wiki-list

2007-03-07 WikiList

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  • [[sand-wiki-ru?]] [SandWikiRu?], try wiki out in Russian [ru]

other wikis

  • [[Astra-Lug-wiki?]] [1], the Astrakhan Linux user group [ru]+[en]-

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