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2007-03-07 Talk

Denis, the Russian folks, hi. To start: What is “changes” and what is “talk” in Russian. And what is “pages”?

+ what are the Latin spellings (like centr) for these.

TalkPages =

changes =

2007-02-18 Talk

Denis, mega-thanks for the translation of the FrontPage. It’s on a beginning like this one when help helps most, actually. ;)
Imagining the vast number of possible wiki-user in mother Russia makes me dizzy. But I don’t mind a bit of dizziness here and now.

I see, in Russian you spell according to Russian - “center” turns “centr”. I have to look how the Russian wikipedia does it. Possibly all in Russian - including CamelBone stiff PageNames would be best - but a) I loose orientation (minor problem) b) the url gets unreadable (major problem). Lets see.

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