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wiki-net, explained The day-page-set for the wiki-net of the multilingual-wiki
Read the page wiki-net without explanations.

Our wiki-net contains information about who help to improve the multilingual-wiki. It contains information about which other wiki’s activities - included into local pages of the multilingual-wiki - currently have our common attention.

The day-page-set wiki-net provides the wiki-net-feed wiki-net-feed which is included below.

The page wiki-net includes the day-page-set internally of the [[oddmuse?]] wiki software without using the feed. It updates instantly. You do not need to force a refresh to make sure to read the latest version of the page.

The wiki-net-feed is included into the pages:

See the page [[odd-wiki-hive_-_'wiki-net'_-_wiki-net_server?]] on thoughts about the further processing of all the wiki-net-feeds.

The wiki-node lists neighbors and possible neighbors. It’s like a neighbor repository. Which of the wikis on our wiki-node or elsewhere are interesting enough to be watched by us on a local page? Add to the wiki-node, please.

The lists of people and wikis on the day-page wiki-net below depends on which people or wikis are listed on the wiki-net pages

for the main pages:

for the day-page-sets:

for the search queries:

Manually keep our wiki-net synchronized with changes to the lists of inclusions into the pages leading the different listings on the day-page wiki-net below, please.

Read [[what_is_a_day-page?]].

To edit first paste the youngest day-page wiki-net into the day-page for today. Then edit the day-page wiki-net for today.
To open the youngest day-page click the green title of the inclusion into the page wiki-net. Or click the respective day in the wiki-net calendar. Then click edit this page to the upper right and copy it.

The wiki-net calendar
The wiki-net, wider calendar permits a wider view. The entire calendar gives access to all day-pages.

To update this page [[force_a_refresh?]], please.

Inclusion of the wiki-net-feed wiki-net-feed:

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