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Mµs with multilingual Mµblogging messages with ‘multilingual’ in the text

This page contains an inclusion of search queries for Mµs with the term multilingual in the text:

The queries exclusively search for Mµs mentioning multilingual but not tagged #MultiLingual. Thus they exclude the Mµs tag MultiLingua Mµs tag MultiLingual from the search. The queries also exclude Mµs containing RT_@ and Mµs by user accounts for the multilingual-wiki.

The page yahoo - pipes multilingual-wiki - Mµs with multilingual merges the queries and provides the Mµs-with-multilingual-feed. It is included below.

See also the search query friendfeed - with multilingual (friendfeed-with-multilingual-feed) and the pages Mµs tag MultiLingual and Mµs tag or with multilingual.

This page makes part of the search queries in the multilingual-wiki. To update it [[force_a_refresh?]], please.

Inclusion of the Mµs-with-multilingual-fee Mµs-with-multilingual-feed:


This page includes the 30 most recent Mµs with multilingual in the text.

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