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The multilingual-wiki is about writing in multiple languages on multilingual wiki pages. It offers check boxes to choose one or several languages to be displayed. The page multilingual text links to the multilingual pages in this wiki.

The multilingual-wiki also is a center-wiki for multilingual web-sites. See the web-site list.

Find out about the structure of the multilingual-wiki on the pages wiki-net grid as well as search queries or soup, explained. Elucidation about its wiki-net wiki-net comes with the page wiki-net, explained.

The page multilingual-wiki - multilingual-wiki aggregates the entire wiki. The page multilingual-wiki complete wiki complete includes mor of the feeds complete feeds complete for the multilingual-wiki and its periphery of associated web-services.

All the world can edit the multilingual-wiki: Click edit this page up to the right. There is no registration. Merely answer the question above the save button down to the left once before saving for the first time.

Try out wiki in the sand-box, please. You find short wiki instructions in it.

The talk talk is good for first hellos, for questions, weird ideas, discussions of translations, anything. Interesting contents can easily be moved to a specific wiki page at any time and by any person.

To create links we preferably use local names. Feel free to link as you please though. CamelCase? page names are links: WikiNode for example. But wiki-node reads better.

The multilingual-wiki sits in the kabo-wiki-hive and runs on the free and open source oddmuse wiki software. The page about the multilingual-wiki tells how the multilingual-wiki came about.


2014-05-29 Face

kabo-wiki-hive - multilingual-wiki

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about to be adapted

There are no new texts or translations on the page multilingual text, the language check boxes in the header are still missing. There have been some improvements in the wiki-net recently the multilingual-wiki is about to be adapted to.

2007-03-06 Face

kabo-wiki-hive - multilingual-wiki

kabo-wiki-hive - multilingual-wiki - face face-feed [en]+[de]-[fr]-[it]-[xx]-

face face

translation indicator [da] [de] [en] [eo] [es] [fr] [he] [is] [it] [ko] [nl] [pl] [pt] [ru] [sv]

[da] translate, please.

[de] Das vielsprachige-wiki läuft und wir freuen uns darauf, das vielsprachige Experiment fortzusetzen. Wir haben Farben für die Sprachen sowie Filter. Du kannst die Spachen, die dir im multilingual-wiki angezeigt werden sollen, im Bild oben auswählen. Zum Beispiel auf dieser Seite.

[en] The multilingual-wiki is up and we’re awaiting to continue on the multilingual experiment. We have colors for languages and we have filters. You can select the languages to be displayed in the multilingual-wiki checking the boxes in the image on top. For example on this page.

[eo] translate, please.

[es] translate, please

[fr] Le wiki-multilingue est arrivé!. Nous vous invitons à mener ces experiences sur ce wiki wiki polyglotte. Nous utilisons les couleurs et des filtres. Vous pouvez sélectionner les langues à afficher en cochant les cases tout en haute de chaque page dans le wiki-multilingue. Pour essemple cette page.

[he] translate, please.

[is] translate, please.

[it] Il wiki-multilingue corre e siamo felice da continuare con l’esperimento multilingue. Abbiamo delle colori per le lingue ed abbiamo dei filtri. Poi scegliere le lingue da essere mostrato sopra nel imagine di ogni pagina del wiki-multilingue. Per essempio questa pagina.

[ko] translate, please.

[nl] overzetten, als je blieft

[pt] translate, please

[pl] Wielojęzyczna-wiki działa i zamierzamy kontynuować eksperyment wielojęzykowy. Mamy kolory dla języków i mamy filtry. Możesz wybrać wyświetlany język na samym dole tej strony.

[ru] translate, please

[sv] Flerspråks-wikin är uppe och vi är redo att fortsätta på flerspråks experimentet. Vi har färger för olika språk och vi har filter. Du kan välja visat språk genom att klicka i boxen i bilden ovan. T.ex. på denna sidan.

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