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front - face


On the page local names we translate URLs for web-sites not (yet) part of the [[one_big_soup?]] into easy-to-read and soup-compatible local names.

The idea is to see


instead of


in the bowser’s address bar and to be able to link to this page simply writing {{{[[web_-_social_synergy_web_com_-_kabo-wiki-hive_-_local-names-wiki?]]}}} where ever.

The contents of the local names is captured in the day-page-set local page names which provide the local-names-feed local-names-feed.

Seek for support and read aggregated information on the page en-kabo-center-wiki - local-names-wiki.

Try wiki out in the sand-box. You find short wiki-instructions in it.
No registration is required to edit. Please take a look at the [[messages_from_kabo-wiki?]] before you do so.

To try out local names use the [[local-names-sand-wiki?]], please. The local-names-wiki is better for a serious application of the local names.

CamelCase? works in this wiki, for example WikiNode. But we seek to evite it using local names. Thus wiki-node.

The local-names-wiki runs on the free and open-source [[Oddmuse?]] wiki software.


2008-12-24 Face

kabo-wiki-hive - local-names-wiki

[[kabo-wiki-hive_-_local-names-wiki_-_face?]] the rss-feed for the face of the local-names-wiki

Accounts for the local-names-wiki on identi.ca and twitter

Thanks to twitterfeed you now can follow the [[local-names-wiki?]] on

You can post into the bar to the right of the local-names-wiki by sending a Mµ - that’s a message on identi.ca or twitter - hashtagged #LocalNames. See the Mµs, please.

2008-10-30 Face

kabo-wiki-hive - local-names-wiki

[[kabo-wiki-hive_-_local-names-wiki_-_face?]] the rss-feed for the face of the local-names-wiki

The local-names-wiki has been started

After the [[local-names-sand-wiki?]] had been started already a few days ago - it’s good for trying out the local names and experimenting with them - we now have the [[local-names-wiki?]]. It’s supposed to supply local names for web-sites that do not (yet) make part of the [[one_big_soup?]].

Click face or the eyebrows to see our earlier faces and to edit the day-page-set.

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