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front - face

Welcome to the local-names-sand-wiki. It’s a wiki to try out and experiment with the local names.

The concept of this wiki is to apply bone-hard CamelCase? to all page names without exception and move as much of the clean linking as possible into the local names, one entry for every page of the wiki.

The contents of the local names is captured in the day-page-set [[page_names?]] which provide the the rss-feed for the page names in the local-names-sand-wiki [[page-names-feed?]].

Seek for support and read aggregated information on the page en-kabo-center-wiki - local-names-sand-wiki.

Try wiki out in the sand-box. You find short wiki-instructions in it.
No registration is required to edit. Please take a look at the messages from kabo-wiki before you do so.

CamelCase? works in this wiki, for example WikiNode. But we seek to evite it using local names. Thus wiki-node.

The local-names-sand-wiki runs on the free and open-source [[Oddmuse?]] wiki software.



2008-10-04 Face

kabo-wiki-hive - local-names-sand-wiki

kabo-wiki-hive - local-names-sand-wiki - face the rss-feed for the face of the local-names-sand-wiki

The local-names-sand-wiki has been started

Goodbye the arduous days of old school clean linking!!!

The pages listed in the local names - a little “LocalNames” pops up when you move your cursor over them - can be linked to by simply writing the local clean title of the page in double brackets.
Write {{{wiki-net}}}, the result is wiki-net.
That works locally just as well as externally.
Write {{{[[one_big_soup?]]}}}, the result is [[one_big_soup?]].

There’s a feed telling about how we link “local clean” to CamelCase:
The the rss-feed for the local names in the local-names-sand-wiki local-names-feed provided by the day-page-set local page names.


Click face or the eyebrows to see our earlier faces and to edit the day-page-set.

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