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Web-sites about Kilifi are included into their home pages in the [[Kilifi-wiki?]]. Find the feeds for the web-sites on the page web-site feeds web-site feeds. → = is included into the page


  1. [[kabo-list-wiki_-_Kilifi-wiki?]], a center-wiki for web-sites about Kilifi
    → Kilifi-wiki - Kilifi-wiki [en]+[xx]-

discussion, debate, chat:

  1. facebook - group HOME NI KILIFI, we will not forget where we came from
    → facebook group HOME NI KILIFI [sw]+[xx]-
  2. facebook - group Kilifi, the group about Kilifi started by the wiki
    → facebook group Kilifi [en]+[xx]-
  3. facebook - group Kilifi. , dream more, learn more, do more
    → facebook group Kilifi. [en]+[xx]-
  4. facebook - group KILIFI BREAKING NEWS, news from Kilifi
    → facebook group KILIFI BREAKING NEWS [en]+ [xx]-
  5. facebook - group Kilifi County, citizens communicate on local projects
    → facebook group Kilifi County [en]+[xx]-
  6. facebook - group Kilifi County Debate Central, debating Kilifi County issues
    → facebook group Kilifi County Debate Central [en]+[xx]-
  7. facebook - group Kilifi County Forum for Governance and Development, a Kilifi forum
    → facebook group Kilifi County Forum for Governance and Development [en]+[xx]-
  8. facebook - group KILIFI COUNTY VOTERS VOICES, expose what hurts the voter
    → facebook group KILIFI COUNTY VOTERS VOICES [en]+[xx]-
  9. facebook - group Kilifi ndio kwetu ndio kwao, Kilifi is ours and theirs
    → facebook group Kilifi ndio kwetu ndio kwao [sw]+[xx]-
  10. facebook - group search for Governor, Senator, MPs in Kilifi County, discussing candidates
    → facebook group search for Governor, Senator, MPs in Kilifi County [en]+[xx]-
  11. facebook - group Vijimambo Vya Kilifi County, village things mostly in Swahili
    → facebook group Vijimambo Vya Kilifi County [sw]+[xx]-
  12. facebook - page Kilifi County -Habari Za Mjini Na Hekaheka Za Wasanii, youth awareness and daily street news of musicians
    → facebook page Kilifi County Habari Za Mjini Na Hekaheka Za Wasanii [sw]+[xx]-
  13. facebook - page KILIFI COUNTY LEADERSHIP FORUM, safeguard leadership and not dealership
    → Kilifi County Leadership Forum [en]+[xx]-

kids, youth, education, health, NGOs:

  1., Media Women In Kenya are in the field conducting a Kwale/Kilifi radio listening program
    facebook - page Association of Media Women In Kenya (AMWIK)
    facebook - page AMWIK Radio Listening-Kwale Kilifi
    → Association of Media Women In Kenya [en]
  2., enable a Kenyan community in need achieve empowerment
    facebook - page East African Center for the Empowerment of Women and Children
    twitter - eackenya
    → East African Center for the Empowerment of Women and Children [en]
  3. facebook - page KRCS Kilifi Branch, a humanitarian organisation to prevent and alleviate human suffering and save lives
    → Kenya Red Cross Kilifi [en]
  4. facebook - page Kenya Xperience, recruits volunteers to share their skills, knowledge and experiences in a sustainable way
    → Kenya Xperience [nl]+[xx]-
  5., advancing access to education and employment for needy children from Kilifi and Ganze Districts
    → Kesho [en]
  6. facebook - page Kilifi County Inter-Party Youth Forum, strengthening the participation of youth within and across political parties
    → Kilifi County Inter-Party Youth Forum [en]+[xx]-
  7. facebook - group Kilifi County Youth Forum, mandated to empowering youth
    → Kilifi County Youth Forum [en]+[xx]
  8. facebook - group KILIFI COUNTY YOUTH LEADERSHIP COUNCIL, we are the Keys
    → Kilifi County Youth Leadership Council [en]+[xx]-
  9. facebook - page Kilifi Help Projects, Italian help projects in Kilifi
    → Kilifi Help Projects [it]
  10., a project to improve the health for kids in Kilifi
    facebook - page Kilifi Kids
    → Kilifi Kids [en]
  11. facebook - group KILIFI ORGANISATION OF PEER EDUCATORS, Kilifi educators organized
    blogger - KOPE KILIFI
    → Kilifi Organisation of Peer Educators [en]+[xx]
  12. facebook - page Kilifi Watoto Center, address issues that hinder children’s holistic development
    → Kilifi Watoto Center [en]+[xx]-
  13., a primary and nursery school close to Kilifi
    → Kivukoni International School [en]


  1. facebook - page Kilifi Creek Rowing and Canoe Club, the sports of rowing and canoe-kayak in the Kilifi creek
    → Kilifi Creek Rowing and Canoe Club [en]
  2., swim bike run
    facebook - page Kilifi Gold Triathlon
    → Kilifi Gold Triathlon [en]
  3. facebook - group Kilifi Prison Fc, a football team
    → Kilifi Prison Football Club [en]+[sw]
  4. facebook - group KILIFI STARS FOOTBALL CLUB, support players to achieve their dreams
    → Kilifi Stars Football Club [en]+[xx]-
  5. facebook - group Kilifi Taekwondo Academy, helps to identify and nurture Teakwondo-talents and other talents in all people
    facebook - group Kilifi Taekwondo Youth Sports Centre
    → Kilifi Taekwondo Academy [en]+[xx]-
  6., a girls youth sports and development organisation
    facebook - page Moving the Goalposts Kilifi
    → Moving the Goalposts Kilifi [en]


  1. google - plus page Kilifi Online Tech Solutions, an IT Support and Website Solution partner
    → google plus page Kilifi Online Tech Solutions [en]


  1., the official web-site of the County Assembly of Killifi
    facebook - page County Assembly of Kilifi
    → County Assembly of Kilifi [en]
  2., the official web-site of the Kilifi County Government
    facebook - Kilifi County Government
    facebook - page Kilifi County Government
    → Kilifi County Government [en]+[sw]-

wiki support:

  1. facebook - group Kilifi-wiki, the facebook group to discuss and help use the Kilifi-wiki
    → facebook group Kilifi-wiki [en]+[xx]-

closed facebook groups about Kilifi:

  1. facebook - group Kilifi County Economic Forum(KCEF), share ideas and to change the face of the county [en]+[xx]-
  2. facebook - group Kilifi County Higher Education Forum, for professionals and students [en]+[xx]-
  3. facebook - group Kilifi County Strategic Think-Tank, thoughts on the economic, educational, social and cultural development of Kilifi County Kilifi County strategic think-tank [en]
  4. facebook - group KILIFI COUNTY YOUTH BUNGE, advocates for environmental initiatives in Kilifi County [en]

facebook about Kilifi:

  1. facebook groups Kilifi
  2. facebook pages Kilifi facebook about Kilifi

google plus about Kilifi:

  1. google plus communities Kilifi
  2. google plus pages Kilifi google plus about Kilifi

The page news Kilifi news Kilifi merges news by the press and by search queries for news:

  1. - search Kilifi
    → BBC search Kilifi [en]
  2. google - news Kilifi [xx]
  3., a community news source for Kilifi
    → Habari Kilifi
    → Kenya Star [en]
  5. facebook - page The Kilifian, a newspaper by young journalists from Kilifi
    → The Kilifian [en]
  6. yahoo - news Kilifi [xx]
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