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Kilifi Organisation of Peer Educators

Kilifi educators organized

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This page contains an inclusion of the recent posts published by the page blogger - KOPE KILIFI and the facebook group KILIFI ORGANISATION OF PEER EDUCATORS.

We use facebook despite it is not free software not free software.

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    I like whatever the youths in kilifi have decided to do;taking an initiative to change society for the better,being proactive in an effort to make the world a better place for everyone to live in....disseminating vital information to the general public about issues that affect society:drug abuse,cervical cancer,HIV/AIDS e.t.c and being in the forefront to fight all the ills in society with an aim of alleviating them.with these kind of youths,then Kilifi and kenya at large is bound to be the country that we want.Kudos to all KOPE members,
    thanks to the new office at the MOYAS empowerment centre 
     Kilifi Organization of peer educators (KOPE) is a CBO based in Kilifi formed by different peer educators who have been trained from different organizations within Kilifi County. The organization was officially registered as a community based organization by the Ministry of social and gender on 20th March 2012,

    KOPE runs several programmes in the county which include Health and social services programme, Environmental conservation, Peer Education, organizational development and theatre. Kilifi Organization of peer educator partnered with MOYAS, MTG, ICRH, MEWA, KRCS and other organization in marking the 2nd annual Kilifi county peer educator’s open day exhibition that took place on 6th July 2013 at Bukungu stadium starting 9.00 AM.
    Peer educators exhibition day is a day where youth peers from different organizations come together, exchange and interact to share their experience and knowledge of different fields that they are implementing from. The event reached over 800 youth in school, out of school and the community. This year’s theme is sharing our diversity for a peaceful coexistence and the main objective of the activity is to empower youths with information and knowledge to make sound and assertive decisions. During the one day event the following activities tookKilifi-Organisation-of-Peer-Educators- place:

    • Sensitization on youth enterprise development fund products
    • Presentation and display of diverse items by different organizations.
    • Facilitation on topics about peace, STI, FP, and drug related issues
    • HIV testing and counseling
    • Procession around Kilifi town
    • Football match


    This page includes the recent 20 posts to blogger - KOPE KILIFI and the facebook - group KILIFI ORGANISATION OF PEER EDUCATORS.