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Kenya Xperience

Recruits volunteers to share their skills, knowledge and experiences in a sustainable way [en]
facebook - page Kenya Xperience [nl]+[xx]-

This page contains an inclusion of the recent posts published on the facebook - page Kenya Xperience.

About: Voluntourism

The idea is to provide national and international volunteer opportunities that benefit both the participant and the project and will lead to sustainable development.

KX! is run by a Dutch woman living in Kilifi who has herself years of volunteering experience in developing countries and a group of young and enthusiastic Kenyans. International and Kenyan volunteers are encouraged to engage themselves in community welfare and development projects through sharing skills and experiences in order to assist community based projects in a sustainable way.

This means that Kenya Xperience! participants are involved in activities that will help projects become more independent and self reliant and that all actions will be aimed at mutual learning processes for everyone who is involved with respect for people’s individual integrity, their culture and environment.

KX! also promotes sustainable tourism.

Location: P.O Box 376, Kilifi, Kilifi 80108

email: info AT kenyaxperience DOT org

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