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  • 10:00 UTC 188 schools to be affected by El Nino in Kilifi

    One hundred and eighty eight schools are at risk of being affected by the El Niño, Kilifi county director of education, Dickson Ole Keis,has revealed.

    While releasing a report in his office the director revealed they conducted an assessment following the report from the metrological department that El Nino rains were expected from this October.

    The report revealed that more than seventy thousand students from both primary and secondary schools might be affected.

    “ We are in the process of ensuring that we fully prepare ourselves for every emergency, The national government is on the process of setting up funds, from the Shs.5billion kitty to serve all the 47 counties,” said Keis.

    According to him, Kilifi County is expected to get a larger amount due to its geographical location..

    At the same time Governor Amason Kingi has asked the community to cooperate with the government on the raised El- Niño alert to ensure everyone’s safety.

    “As a county government we have our own department responsible for disaster management programs and soon we shall tell the community on which places are safer during El- Nino. But again we are asking them to move way from slopes and look for hilly areas for settlement in order to have every person safe.” said the governor.

    County Executive Officer in Charge of public service and disaster management Christine Pekeshe assured the community of their well being and safety during the rains.

    “The County government has set aside Shs.30 million for disaster management and at the same time we have already bought important equipment for emergency at a cost of Shs.11 million and what I can say is that we are well prepared for anything,” said Pekeshe.

    Life jackets, mosquito nets, blankets and mattresses are among other equipment bought in preparation for the El Niño.


  • 08:48 UTC Alarm over increased cases of dog bites

    Veterinary department in Kilifi county government have raised an alarm over reluctant by residents to vaccinate dogs causing threat to the society.

    Officer in charge of veterinary services Donald Kiti, noted that plans are on going to have a vaccination exercise carried across the county.

    At the same time he warns individual who will not take part in the exercise of legal action if their dogs happen to cause harm within the community.

    “Let the health department stock these human vaccines because not all dog owners bring their dogs for vaccination and most of the dogs in our community are untamed which can cause more harm to human beings,” said Kiti.

    This comes after a stray dog attacked six people early in the morning, including a five years old boy at Ganze trading centre, in Ganze Sub County.

    The officer admitted having received an official communication of the health department to conduct the exercise and challenged the department to take precautions by equipping the public health facilities with anti-rabies and anti-snake venom vaccines.

    In an interview with HK, Kilifi County hospital Executive Director in charge of health, Billali Madzoya , noted that there has been challenge in communication whenever an incident happens especially in the interior part of the county among them Ganze area.

    “We received the report on the morning attack by a stray dog and we had to find an ambulance to take the vaccine to Ganze dispensary .We managed to deliver the drugs by 2pm despite communication challenges in the area which are poor network coverage,” said Madzoya.

    At the same time, the Executive Director said they had not started dispatching anti-rabies and other vaccines to dispensaries with reasons that they are still under the vaccines department and are always brought main hospitals during the vaccination program.

    He however said vaccines have been factored in the order of drugs which will include drugs for diabetes, snake bites and for high blood pressure.

    Madzoya said only one person went to seek treatment at the County hospital after the attack while the rest were treated the Ganze dispensary.

    Jackson Mwaringa lost a member of their family at the age of five years last week after he was bitten by a dog and failed to get treatment on time.

    According to him, the boy whom he identified as, Mae Kazungu Sharia, “was bitten by a stray dog three times, twice on the chest and on the right shoulder and succumbed to death at the Kilifi hospital on Saturday.

    “Immediately after the attack, he started to hallucinate and later became unconscious despite getting two doses of the anti-rabies injection. He was to get a third doze on Sunday but he passed on after his condition worsened at the County hospital,” said Mwaringa.

    Kilifi county chief officer in charge of medical services Timothy Malingi, said the anti-rabies and anti-snake venom vaccines are not stocked in most of the health facilities due to lack of proper storage facilities.

    Adding that, “The vaccines are stocked in health facilities with enough experts to handle any eventualities and also purchased mostly on some occasions because their prices are very high compared to other medicines.”

  • 08:34 UTC Dream come true as free surgical takes course in Kilifi hospitals.

    The free surgical camp organized by the County government of Kilifi and the Surgical Society of Kenya came at the right time and has been a relieve to many locals.

    It was a relief for 42 years old, Agnes Katana, from Mnarani, who had been suffering from goiter since   2002.

    According to her efforts to raise medical fees in the past have proved to be a hard task that made her live with the disease for the last 13 years.

    “I am now happy that my prayers for being a healthy woman have been answered. I have been ailing since 2002 and I could not raise the sh3, 750 required for my operation and also Sh5, 000 which was being required for the blood sampling,” she said.

    Speaking to the press while on her hospital bed at Kilifi county hospital, he came to learn over the free medical service after getting news from the just concluded County health expo, an exercise that was to come after the expo.

    The free surgery is being conducted in all major public health facilities across the county which include Kilifi County hospital, Malindi and Mariakani Sub county hospitals

    Lawrence Daniel, 70 years from Vitengeni, whom was set to undergo surgery (during the HK visit) over a boil in his private parts could not hide his emotions after he was screened and the surgeons opted to do the surgery.

    “I have been suffering from this disease for the last five years in my home village in Matano Manne. I had several visited Vitengeni health center for medical examinations without success. Recently I went to a private hospital in Kilifi town where I was to pay Sh5,000 for an operation but thanks God to the county government and the doctors that I will be treated without a single cent,”  said Daniel.

    The Surgical Society of Kenya dispatched its 70 medical consultants and 33 surgeons to the free surgical clinics.

    Immediate former President of the Surgical Society of Kenya Said Hassan who is a professor at the University of Nairobi said that among the teams they had been sent to Kilifi included general surgeons, orthopedics, pediatrics surgeons, urologists, nurses and surgical trainees.

    He said that optimistic that they will conduct the surgical operations to 200 patients which is always their thresh hold number in all surgical camps.




    The annual Mazingira cup football tournament in Ruruma ward enters third week ths weekend 26th and 27th September, with eight matches’ scheduled for both Saturday and Sunday.

    In group A Mleji Tours will be taking on Hippo Rangers Fc at Mwanjama ground while on Sunday the same field, Super power will be making a date with Bantu Warriors.

    At Kasidi ground, Milan City will be hosting last year’s second place Red Star Fc who will be seeking to maintain their unbeaten record in the tourney so far in group B.

    On Sunday at Kasidi soccer fans will be entertaining themselves in clash between Beehive Fc against Marine Fc.

    This weekend’s group C match will be between Blue Rangers Fc against Sham Fc while Sunday will be the Mazingira cup defending champion Usintate Fc hosting Junior Fc all at Kawala primary ground.

    The defending champion started their campaign well after winning their first two matches against Blue rangers and Stopper boys Fc.

    Group D matches at Jimba ground, will be between Orlando Pirates battling with Super Stars Fc on Saturday while on Sunday will a between Super Eagles Fc against Majukumu.

    Last weekend’s results

    Ruruma ward MCA, Naphtali Kombo, addressing the public during the launch of Mazingira cup at Mwanjama ground. Photo by Antony Mwachiro

    Ruruma ward MCA, Naphtali Kombo, addressing the public during the launch of Mazingira cup at Mwanjama ground. Photo by Antony Mwachiro

    At Mwanjama ground on Saturday, Bantu Fc humiliated Dragon Fc by beating them 6 goals to nil while on Sunday in what fans termed it as Mkapuni derby, between Super Power fc and Riders Fc, ended with 4 goals against 2 in favor of Super powers.

    At Kasidi ground,Marine Fc pocketed maximum point before Milan city by winning by 3 goals to 1 while on Sunday Manchester Fc demolished Beehive Fc 2:1.

    Junior Fc started their campaign in the tournaments when they suffered 4 nil loss against Sham Fc in the group D matches at Kawala on Saturday.

    On Sunday at Kawala in another derby between two Jimba based teams, Usintate Fc and Stopper boys Fc which ended in 4:1 in favor of the defending champions.

    Usintate score through, Athman Mlala, Paul Masha, James Kitsao and Mohamed Kassim sealed the victory while Mohamed Baya scored the consolation goal for stopper.

    At Jimba ground Super Eagle shared a 2all draw with Super star Fc while on Sunday Majukumu Fc carried the day by beating Super Junior Fc 4:2.




  • 12:01 UTC County maintain it’s not aware of Mbudzi health equipments.

    The rift between county and national government leaders continue to widen in Kilifi as the local community ail for services.

    Sources told Habarikilifi that a move to construct a health facility (Mbudzi hospital) in Jaribuni ward in Ganze Sub County, hit a snug after allegation that county government failed to waive sh.1.5million for consignment with medical facilities at the port of Mombasa that led to detention of the same.

    Ganze Member of Parliament Peter Shehe, expressed dissatisfaction over the move adding that the equipments were meant to benefit the community which prompted Kenya president Uhuru Kenyatta to waive the bill.

    Speaking during a ceremony to receive the equipment, Shehe said the hospital is expected to reduce the health problems which the community in the area has been facing.

    A track carrying the medical equipements meant for Mbudzi hospital in Jaribuni. Photo by HK writer

    A track carrying the medical equipments meant for Mbudzi hospital in Jaribuni. Photo by HK writer

    “We forced to force to seek health attention in neighboring Kaloleni and Kilifi sub counties, a distance which majority of the community cannot afford to meet the cost. Sometimes our people find it difficult to access medication at the right time and we end up losing lives,”

    According to the legislature, the equipments were donated to Ganze community through Pro Ganze,a non government organization based in Switzerland.

    Despite the occasion having been graced by the vice president William Ruto on July this year, could not kick off due to detention of the consignments.

    Shehe maintained that he did not understand why the county government failed to waive the bill at the port.

    “With the construction of Mbudzi hospital, we will relieve them of the long distance and now we will be having to hospitals which will serve our people well.” he said.

    Speaking on behalf of the County government, Deputy Speaker of the Kilifi county Assembly Teddy Mwambire brushed off Shehe’s allegations and said that the County government could not waive the bill as was not aware of the consignment.

    “As we speak now the County government is not aware of what is in the containers that that the MP is claiming to be health equipment because he has not even provided us with the list of the content in the consignments.” said Mwambire.

    According to the deputy speaker, health sector remain a devolved function, and the MP was to fully involve the County government in the whole issue.

    At the same time, Mwambire distance the county government from claims that was not partnering with leaders from the national government.

    “It is wrong for our mps to stand in platforms and say that we are not cooperating yet they are the ones who do not even attend meetings when called to.” He noted

    The MCA maintained that efforts by county officials to involve Kilifi county members of national assembly to discus during the structuring of the 2015/16 budget bore no fruits, adding that, “this could be the best time where even Shehe could have told us about the consignment and as a County maybe we could have allocated money for the equipments if any.

    However HK could note easily get a comment from Kilifi County Secretary Owe Baya , as his was off and text message sent to him yet to be replied.

    One the project starts will be last for about four month at a cost of about Sh.150 million that will be a joint partnership between Pro-Ganze and the constituency development fund (CDF).

    The wrangles are being experienced at the moment the County government is trying to shape upn its health sector and improve service delivery to the community.


  • 06:00 UTC Fishermen to benefit from solar powered cold storage along Kenyan coast

    Post harvest loss among fishermen along coastal Kenya region might be a thing of the past after the installation of 15 Solar Powered cold storage.

    The facilities were installed courtesy of Sollatek Electronics limited and the Indian Ocean water body.

    The Solar Centers are expected to serve the local fishing communities by providing solar run cold storage facilities, solar lighting, solar lantern rental and phone charging services.

    The Beach Management Units (BMU) will be responsible in the management of the facilities which are available in Lamu, Kilifi, Tana River and Kwale counties.

    According to Sollatek Kenya managing director Salim Abdullah, the project was funded through the Power Africa Off-Grid Energy Challenge Grant from GE Africa, United States Africa Development Foundation (USADF) and the U.S Agency for International Development (USAID).

    Speaking in a Kilifi hotel during the award of certificates to the beneficiaries, Abdullah, said the project will address the losses fishermen incurred due to lack of facilities and unexpected power interruptions.

    “The 15 Solar Centers will increase solar awareness, accessibility and power economic activities within the artisanal fisher folk industry along the Kenyan coast,” he said.

    The project is expected to impact the lives of over 1,500 fisher folks and additional 7,500 people that depend upon the fishing industry for their livelihoods,” he said.

    Abdullah said the company received a 100,000 US dollars grant and injected a further 30 US Dollars from its finances to fund the project.

    “Many fishermen used to come to us to ask for solar freezers but when we give them the quotation they promise to come back and they never do. This prompted us to look for partners to help the fishermen,” He said.

    Indian Ocean water body vice chairman Mtengo Omar said the project is a relieve too many fishermen who were making loses when they make a good catch.

    Omar said cold storage facilities are too expensive and fishermen could not afford them.

    “The cold storage system using electricity is expensive and paying the power bills has been the greater headache to many fishermen. With the solar powered cold storage, we are now assured of a reliable source and even areas where there is no electricity post-harvest loss will be a thing of the past,” said Omar.

    The Off-Grid Challenge promotes innovative solutions that develop, scale-up or extend the use of proven technologies for off-grid energy increasing access to reliable, affordable, and sustainable power.


    Kilifi County department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Livestock has signed a MOU with the Aga Khan foundation in a bid to revive stalled agricultural projects in all the seven sub counties.

    Officials revealed that over twenty projects are expected to be revived across the county.

    Speaking during the signing of the MOU at the county headquarter, the Area manager- Kenya Coast region of the Aga Khan foundation Atrash Ali, said the foundation will also set up new projects that will have its impacts felt by the communities within Kilifi.

    “Our aim is to have the communities own the projects that will go a long way to improve their living standards and beef up the county’s economy.” He said.

    According to Ali, the MOU was meant to have the county department and identify the projects areas.

    Among the projects expected to be revived includes fish farming within communities and public schools, Dairy farms such as the Mariakani Dairy plant, poultry farming among others.

    Kilifi county Executive Officer in charge of agriculture, fisheries and livestock, Mwalimu Menza, assured the public of their commitment in ensuring the communities are equipped with the necessary skills to manage and sustain the projects once handed to them.

    “Empowering the community, who are living in poverty and lack income generating activities will help increase food production and income for the small scale farmers. Our focus is concentrated in increasing incomes for small scale farmers” he said.

    Menza admitted that the government has been forced to spend more cash to sustain projects after community fail to sustain them once handed to them.

    “It is a challenge to us as a department and also interferes with our programs because we will not be using funds again to the same projects which are complete. We want to empower them to manage the projects for proper sustainability and this requires continuous capacity building,” he said.

    According to sourced in the county department in charge of agriculture, among those expected to benefit are public schools that have no lunch programs, which are expected to embrace school grown farming to increase food security.

    The department has allocated at least Sh.280 millions for development projects in this financial year with officers already on ground to access the stalled projects and where to start new ones.




  • 02:58 UTC Power United and Super girls carry RFA tourney

    Power united and super girls are the champions of Rabai football Association soccer tournament in boys and girls category respectively.

    Power united clinched the title after diminishing their rival FC Uwanja by 3 goals against 2 in a colorful final match played at Dr. Krapf ground on 16th/08/15.

    Super girls held to barren draw by their rival Ganga girls during normal time before carrying the day through spot kicks which ended 5/3.

    In the boy’s final match Uwanja were the first to get a goal in the first ten minutes through Bakari Saburi, however the joy lasted for only 11 minutes before Juma Lewa equalized for power.

    In the 35th minute, Tsama Ali, made it 2 for power thanks to a free kick 27 meters from the Uwanja’s post to settle the game a 2/1 at half time.

    12 minutes after the kick of the second half, Ndune Mwambeyu added salt to Uwanja fans’ wounded souls by adding a third goal for power through a header.

    Ndune Mwambeyu of Power united battle with Dancan Mwinga of Uwanja Fc during the final match. Photo by Antony Mwachiro

    Ndune Mwambeyu of Power united battle with Dancan Mwinga of Uwanja Fc during the final match. Photo by Antony Mwachiro

    However effort by Uwanja to level the score proved to be a hard task until in the 76th minute when power player made a mistake by touching the ball in the danger zone that resulted to a penalty in favor of Uwanja which was netted inn by Bakari Saburi.

    The winners went away with a trophy, set of playing kit, and 2 balls. In addition, area Member of Parliament William Kamoti gave 2 goats and 100 kg of rice to each winner in both categories.

    Second place team in each side went away with playing kit set, 2 balls while the girls walked home with a small trophy thanks to Mwaruwa Garero the current FKF chairperson Kaloleni sub branch.

    Third place was snatched by Mwakuchi Fc in the boys’ category after they edged out Tsunami Fc while Dragon Queens was third in girls.

    Both teams went home with a set of playing kit and a ball each.

    Among those in attendance during the ceremony include Mohamed Bagzal, Mohammed Tito, Rabai Kisurutini MCA, Anthony Kenga and area Mp.

    Both leaders called for displine among all players and assured the upcoming players of their commitment in nurturing talents.


  • 14:30 UTC Call for a community driven approach to deal with climate change
    Community members planting trees at a section of degraded Ramisi river bank. Photo by Antony Mwachiro

    Community members planting trees at a section of degraded Ramisi river bank. Photo by Antony Mwachiro

    As the impact of climate change comes to a reality to every household in Africa, an urgent need is emerging to create a collective engagement to restore water catchment areas.
    In Kwale County, residents under the umbrella of Ramisi River Users Association (RUA) and other stakeholders have come up with measures aimed at restoring the river to its lost glory.
    Speaking to Habari Kilifi on the sidelines of a tree planting exercise along the river banks, the association’s chairperson, Juma Hassan from Kikoneni, revealed that there was need to sensitize the community on the importance of taking charge in the rehabilitation process.
    According to him, the success of the process will be a reality if the communities within which it falls take it as their priority.
    “We should avoid use of fire in land preparation during cultivation time, since these fires trees, especially for those who border the river,” said Hassan.
    RUA was registered three years ago with an aim of restoring river Ramisi and other rivers within Msambweni and Lunga Lunga sub counties within Kwale County which have been gradually depleted due to human activity.
    The chairperson maintained that poor cultivation methods employed by local farmers were responsible for the poor state of the rivers with trees having been washed away by floods.
    Similar sentiments were shared by 67 year-old, Bakari Nassoro Mwadagu, a resident of Daruguba in Msambweni constituency, who admitted seeing the rivers and the weather patterns change.
    “In the old days water flow in the river was throughout from January to December but the river has become seasonal. Some of us used to do fishing but the trend has changed even the fish are no more,” he lamented.
    In an interview, Mwadagu admitted that many farmers used to cultivate close to the river banks, a move that led to a lot of soil erosion.
    He called the responsible bodies to sensitize and enforce the law that restricts people from cultivating the land 30 metres from all the river banks, adding that the change in weather patterns was not limited to Kwale County but cuts across the country.
    Msambweni and Lunga lunga constituencies forest officer, Silas Tsuma, urged locals to support the initiative to restore the degraded river and forests.
    “This process is not meant to grab your land but help you prevent soil erosion. It’s time we take this tree planting knowledge to our individual farms to at least have 10 percent of our land covered with trees,” advised the officer.
    Over 5,000 seedlings were planted along river Ramisi by the residents under the supervision of Kenya Forests Research Institute (KeFRI) through the Kenya Coast Development Project that was funded by World Bank.

    Restoration program
    Speaking to the Habari Kilifi KeFRI ecologist, Chemuku Wekesa, revealed that they were working on the rehabilitation of water catchment areas for conical river line ecosystems.
    According to him they have identified two rivers in the Coast region, which are river Lumi in Taita Taveta County that he revealed had degraded due to livestock which have been flocking the area in search of pasture and water; and river Ramisi which is connected to the Shimba hills ecosystem and mangroove ecosystem that require fresh water to grow.
    KeFRI, in conjunction with National Environment Management Authority (Nema), Water Resource Management Authority (WARMA) and local community members led by Kwa Chala spring conservation group planted about 3,000 seedlings of indigenous trees along river Lumi.
    “The aim is to conserve catchment, reduce river bank soil erosion and also increase water levels in the rivers,” revealed Wekesa.
    About 5,000 households in Taita Taveta depend on river Lumi for farming activities among other domestic uses.
    Among the tree species planted along the two rivers include, Accasia species, commonly known as Mkinga, Melicia (Mvule), Budelia micrantha, Afzelia quansensis, Mbambakofi among other local tree varieties found along river banks.


  • 03:44 UTC Unemployment hindering national development goals

    As Universities keep on restructuring their curriculum to create a clear definition of the concept’ universities produce half baked graduates’ Unemployment keeps biting the national developments goals. More than 80,000 graduates are released yearly to the job industry by the universities.

    kenyans camping in one of the firms in Mariakani seeking to try their lack in seeking employment opportunity. HK file photo

    kenyans camping in one of the firms in Mariakani seeking to try their lack in seeking employment opportunity. HK file photo

    of them comprise those unemployed as many want a starting salary of Ksh.80,000.On the contrary, employers outline their demands; job readiness,15 years of work experience, education and technical skills. This tag of war is worsening an already bad situation.

    A report titled Africa Youth: Fulfilling The Potential by MO Ibrahim Foundation cited that Kenyan youths make themselves ‘unemployable’.

    What is employability is the next big question.
    Employability is a set of achievements, skills, understandings and personal attributes that make one ready for employment.

    Familiarity with factors that heighten this development scare highlights the roadmap out;
    The type of higher education institution matters to the employers.

    The industry knows where to fetch certain professionals’ credo to the set reputation by the institution.

    Student location and mobility in terms of the nature of the economy, the younger the better, ethnicity, gender, the mode of study, subject of study and social classes are among the factors.

    To counter these factors accordingly the job skills should be aligned to schooling. Internships and apprecenticeships should be encouraged and embraced since they create curiosity to study and tickle new ideas.

    Availed opportunities for work experience such as volunteer work is great. This task requires synergy of all parties since employability skills vary in levels;Technical skills, Non-technical skills alias soft skills

    Other useful skills such as entrepreneurship, foreign languages, inovativeness, report writing and dissemination, self esteem, continuous growth and leadership and managerial skills.

    Career coaching is also paramount; The conferences and expo fairs should be must attend events to budding entrepreneurs.

    The career aspiration barometer indicated that many wanted to venture into self employment after their studies. This is a good report Self employment should be considered as an opportunity and not an alternative.

    In the second and third years of studies at the Strathmore School of Business students are always inovative.

    The reason for such a success is because of the relationship the school has with the industry. If only our industries opened up to work with institutions all over the country and creating those mutual partnerships we will rise above unemployment.

    In German students spend equal hours in class and in the industry in order to be molded into the required employee needed.
    Jumia,an online store trains and equips students to capitalise on their business ideas. This creates jobs, skills and experience.

    There are also many platforms that aim on providing competitive opportunities to youths all over.’Nobody died of competition apart from those who died’Prof Some Nicholas.



  • 01:29 UTC

    Dr. Krapf boys and Ribe Girls to carry Rabai flag at county games | Habari Kilifi
    By Antony Mwachiro Education, News, Sports June 17, 2015 Dr. Krapf boys and Ribe Girls to carry Rabai flag at county games Rabai Sub County will be represented by two schools in the scheduled county ball games staged at Kaloleni from 23rd this month. Dr. Krapf boys and Ribe girls will carry Rabai fl…



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    Rabai Mp reads mischief in war on corruption | Habari Kilifi
    By Antony Mwachiro News June 10, 2015 Rabai Mp reads mischief in war on corruption Leaders want the president to full constitute the Ethics and Anti Corruption Commission to win the war on corruption. Rabai Member of Parliament William Kamoti warns that the absence of some commissioners might not ac…
  • 14:41 UTC

    Rift between elected leaders hinder development in Malindi | Habari Kilifi
    By Maureen Dalitzo News, Politics June 10, 2015 Rift between elected leaders hinder development in Malindi Member of County Assembly from Malindi Sub County have expressed fear of underdevelopment of the area. They raised concern over the division between the area Member of National Assembly, Dan Ka…



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    Kilifi county government boycot Madaraka day celebration | Habari Kilifi
    By Antony Mwachiro News June 1, 2015 Kilifi county government boycot Madaraka day celebration Kilifi county government boycotted Madaraka day celebration over what sources called as battle for supremacy. Sources told Habari Kilifi that rift emerged on who was to be the organizer and top officer to a…



  • 23:46 UTC

    Youth urged to embrace cources at hand to earn a living | Habari Kilifi
    By Antony Mwachiro News May 6, 2015 Youth urged to embrace cources at hand to earn a living Youth in Rabai Sub County have been challenged to embrace their little courses they obtain in youth polytechnic and come up with enterprises to boost their economic status. Addressing youth from Ruruma ward,…
  • 23:41 UTC

    Youth urged to embrace cources at hand to earn a living | Habari Kilifi
    By Antony Mwachiro News May 6, 2015 Youth urged to embrace cources at hand to earn a living Youth in Rabai Sub County have been challenged to embrace their little courses they obtain in youth polytechnic and come up with enterprises to boost their economic status. Addressing youth from Ruruma ward,…


  • 23:36 UTC

    KCA condemns attack on Malindi based Journalists | Habari Kilifi
    By Antony Mwachiro News April 20, 2015 KCA condemns attack on Malindi based Journalists Kca chairman, William Oloo Janak, during a past interview. Photo by Antony Mwachiro Journalists in Kenya are demanding for thorough investigation and prosecution of general service unit officers for alleged attac…

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