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front - face

front - face

The [[Kilifi-wiki?]] is a wiki for the town and the region Kilifi on the coast of Kenya. Friends, inhabitants … It’s a process.

We have a yellow bird [1], the Kilifi-wiki-manjano in the icon.
Manjano = yellow in Swahili.


All the world can edit the Kilifi-wiki: Click edit this page up to the right. There is no registration. Merely answer the question posed before saving for the first time. Try it out in the sand-box, please. You find short wiki instructions in it.

The talk talk is good for first hellos, for questions, weird ideas, discussions, anything. Interesting contents can easily be moved to a specific wiki page by any person and at any time.

The Kilifi-wiki is mpov = multiple points of view coexist in it. Just like (it should be) in the real Kilifi and everywhere else in the world. Core values in the wiki are tolerance and respect. Writing and editing with a neutral point of view is very welcome but it’s not required to participate. The Kilifi-wiki is a wiki, not an encyclopedia.

Find out about the structure of the Kilifi-wiki on the pages wiki-net grid as well as connected web-services, search queries or soup, explained. Elucidation about its wiki-net wiki-net comes with the page wiki-net, explained.

To create links we preferably use local names. Feel free to link as you please though. CamelCase? page names are links: WikiNode for example. But wiki-node reads better.

The Kilifi-wiki sits in the [[kabo-wiki-hive?]] and runs on the free and open source oddmuse wiki software. Admitted, we also use not free software. The page about the Kilifi-wiki tells how the Kilifi-wiki came about.


2014-09-21 Face

kabo-wiki-hive - Kilifi-wiki

face [[kabo-wiki-hive_-_Kilifi-wiki_-_face?]] face-feed [en]+[xx]-

user icons in the Mµs from, tag and with

The [[Kilifi-wiki?]] is the first wiki in the wiki-net to display user avatars in all three µblogging inclusions:

At least it does currently. Not sure it continues to work. Still cool! ;)

2014-04-08 Face

kabo-wiki-hive - Kilifi-wiki

face [[kabo-wiki-hive_-_Kilifi-wiki_-_face?]] face-feed [en]+[xx]-

recent improvements

Some of the recent improvements to the [[Kilifi-wiki?]] are: slimmer page headers for the various day-page-sets day-page-sets, the soup soup doesn’t contain duplicates anymore and the Changes changes update (believe it or not).


Click the page face or the eyebrows to see our earlier faces and to edit the day-page-set.


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