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2014-08-18 WebSiteList

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web-site list kabo-wiki-hive - Kilifi-wiki - web-site list web-site-list-feed [en]+[xx]-

Web-sites about Kilifi are included into their home pages in the Kilifi-wiki. The feeds for the web-sites are listed on the page
web-site feeds web-site feeds. → = is included into the page


  1. kabo-list-wiki - Kilifi-wiki, a center-wiki for web-sites about Kilifi
    → Kilifi-wiki - Kilifi-wiki [en]+[xx]-

discussion and debate:

  1. facebook - group Kilifi. , dream more, learn more, do more
    → facebook group Kilifi. [en]+[xx]-
  2. facebook - group Kilifi County, citizens communicate on local projects
    → facebook group Kilifi County [en]+[xx]-
  3. facebook - group Kilifi County Debate Central, debating Kilifi County issues
    → facebook group Kilifi County Debate Central [en]+[xx]-
  4. facebook - group search for Governor, Senator, MPs in Kilifi County, discussing candidates
    → facebook group search for Governor, Senator, MPs in Kilifi County [en]+[xx]-
  5. facebook - group Vijimambo Vya Kilifi County, village things mostly in Swahili
    → facebook group Vijimambo Vya Kilifi County [sw]+[xx]-

education, health, NGOs:

  1., enable a Kenyan community in need achieve empowerment
    facebook - page East African Center for the Empowerment of Women and Children
    twitter - eackenya
    → East African Center for the Empowerment of Women and Children [en]
  2. facebook - page KRCS Kilifi Branch, a humanitarian organisation to prevent and alleviate human suffering and save lives
    → Kenya Red Cross Kilifi [en]
  3. facebook - page Kenya Xperience, recruits volunteers to share their skills, knowledge and experiences in a sustainable way
    → Kenya Xperience [nl]+[xx]-
  4., advancing access to education and employment for needy children from Kilifi and Ganze Districts
    → Kesho [en]
  5. facebook - page Kilifi Help Projects, Italian help projects in Kilifi
    → Kilifi Help Projects [it]
  6., a project to improve the health for kids in Kilifi
    facebook - page Kilifi Kids
    → Kilifi Kids [en]
  7., a primary and nursery school close to Kilifi
    → Kivukoni International School [en]


  1. facebook - page Kilifi Creek Rowing and Canoe Club, the sports of rowing and canoe-kayak in the Kilifi creek
    → Kilifi Creek Rowing and Canoe Club [en]
  2., swim bike run
    facebook - page Kilifi Gold Triathlon
    → Kilifi Gold Triathlon [en]
  3. facebook - group Kilifi Prison Fc, a football team
    → Kilifi Prison Football Club [en]+[sw]
  4. facebook - group Kilifi Taekwondo Academy, helps to identify and nurture Teakwondo-talents and other talents in all people
    facebook - group Kilifi Taekwondo Youth Sports Centre
    → Kilifi Taekwondo Academy [en]+[xx]-
  5., a girls youth sports and development organisation
    facebook - page Moving the Goalposts Kilifi
    → Moving the Goalposts Kilifi [en]

wiki support:

  1. facebook - group Kilifi-wiki, the facebook group to discuss and help use the Kilifi-wiki
    → facebook group Kilifi-wiki [en]+[xx]-

closed facebook groups about Kilifi (no feed inclusion):

  1. facebook - group Kilifi County Strategic Think-Tank, thoughts on the economic, educational, social and cultural development of Kilifi County
    → Kilifi County strategic think-tank [en]

The facebook groups Kilifi and facebook pages Kilifi are merged on the page facebook about Kilifi.

The page news Kilifi news Kilifi merges news by the press and by search queries for news:

  1. - search Kilifi
    → BBC search Kilifi [en]
  2. google - news Kilifi [xx]
    → Kenya Star [en]
  4. yahoo - news Kilifi [xx]
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Mattis Manzel:
Added the page Kilifi Gold Triathlon.