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2014-04-08 WebSiteFeeds

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web-site feeds kabo-wiki-hive - Kilifi-wiki - web-site feeds web-site-feeds-feed [en]+[xx]-

The feeds for the web-sites about Kilifi with a home page in the Kilifi-wiki. The direct links to the web-sites are listed on the page
web-site list web-site list.

→ = is included into the home page in the Kilifi-wiki


  1. kabo-list-wiki - Kilifi-wiki
    → Kilifi-wiki - Kilifi-wiki [en]+[xx]-

feeds for web-sites to discuss and debate Kilifi issues:

  1. facebook-group-Kilifi.-feed
    → facebook group Kilifi.
  2. facebook-group-Kilifi-County-feed
    → facebook group Kilifi County
  3. facebook-group-Kilifi-County-Debate-Central-feed
    → facebook group Kilifi County Debate Central
  4. facebook-group-search-for-Governor-Senator-MPs-in-Kilifi-County-feed
    → facebook group search for Governor, Senator, MPs in Kilifi County
  5. facebook-group-Vijimambo-Vya-Kilifi-County-feed
    → facebook group Vijimambo Vya Kilifi County

feeds for web-sites about education and health or by NGOs:

    → East African Center for the Empowerment of Women and Children
  2. facebook-page-KRCS-Kilifi-Branch-feed
    → Kenya Red Cross Kilifi
  3. facebook-page-Kenya-Xperience-feed
    → Kenya Xperience
    → Kesho
  5. facebook-page-Kilifi-Help-Projects-feed
    → Kilifi Help Projects
    → Kilifi Kids
    → Kivukoni International School

feeds for web-sites about sports:

  1. facebook-page-Kilifi-Creek-Rowing-and-Canoe-Club-feed
    → Kilifi Creek Rowing and Canoe Club
  2. facebook-group-Kilifi-Prison-Fc-feed
    → Kilifi Prison Football Club
  3. facebook-group-Kilifi-Taekwondo-Academy-feed
    → Kilifi Taekwondo Academy
    → Moving the Goalposts Kilifi

feeds for wiki support pages:

  1. facebook-group-Kilifi-wiki-feed
    → facebook group Kilifi-wiki

No feed is provided by closed facebook groups about Kilifi:

  1. facebook - group Kilifi County Strategic Think-Tank
    Pics:Pic.39.png Kilifi County strategic think-tank

The facebook-groups-Kilifi-feed and facebook-pages-Kilifi-feed are merged in the facebook-about-Kilifi-feed.

news-Kilifi-feed news-Kilifi-feed:
Pics:Pic.39.png news Kilifi news Kilifi

It merges feeds for web-sites by the press:

    → BBC search Kilifi

and feeds for news search queries:

  1. google-news-Kilifi-feed [xx]
  2. yahoo-news-Kilifi-feed [xx]
about the latest modification

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