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kabo-wiki-hive - Kilifi-wiki - web-site list web-site list

Web-sites about Kilifi are included into their home pages in the [[Kilifi-wiki?]]. The feeds for the web-sites are listed on the page
kabo-wiki-hive - Kilifi-wiki - web-site feeds web-site feeds.

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  1. KilifiWiki, a center-wiki for web-sites about Kilifi
    kabo-list-wiki - Kilifi-wiki [en]+[xx]-

Other web-sites about Kilifi:

  1. Kilifi Kids, a project to improve the health for kids in Kilifi [en]
  2. Kilifi Taekwondo Academy, helps to identify and nurture Teakwondo-talents and other talents in all people
    facebook - group Kilifi Taekwondo Academy [en]+[xx]-
  3. Kivukoni International School, a primary and nursery school close to Kilifi [en]
  4. Moving the Goalposts Kilifi, a girls youth sports and development organisation [en]
    facebook - page Moving the Goalposts Kilifi [en]

Web-sites about Kilifi by search engines:

  1. [[google_news_Kilifi?]], Kilifi on google news
    google - news Kilifi [xx]
  2. [[yahoo_news_Kilifi?]], Kilifi on yahoo news
    yahoo - news Kilifi [xx]
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Mattis Manzel:
Added the pages Kilifi Taekwondo Academy and Moving the Goalposts Kilifi.

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