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2012-09-18 Talk

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Kilifi, Kılıfı

Mattis Manzel:
I’m half ways done with preparing the Kilifi-wiki after a week of working on it. I hope to have it almost ready in another week (The Kilifi-wiki is never finished. No wiki ever is).

An interesting challenge came up while constucting: It turned out that the Turkish word for protection cover, casing, dust cover as well as for coverage like in net coverage is Kılıfı (the Turkish language has an additional voiceless “i” without a dot). I can filter messages that contain the Turkish spelling exclusively. Unfortunately the Turkish word is often spelled with ordinary i’s and I can’t filter entire messages by the language used, not yet. So for now there are some Turkish messages about mobile phone protection covers mixed into the Mµs tag Kilifi Mµs tag Kilifi and into some other pages. Sorry.

If you know about a Kilifi related page that should be represented on the kabo-wiki-hive - Kilifi-wiki - web-site list web-site list of the Kilifi-wiki just post the url here in the kabo-wiki-hive - Kilifi-wiki - talk talk, please. Thank you.

I would like a nice picture for the header of the Kilifi-wiki but I have no. Something atmospheric probably, downtown Kilifi, like the current one but in a much higher resolution (192 x 1280 pixel is required in the end)? The picture should be under a creative commons license. Someone can help? Thanks again.