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twitter friends kabo-list-wiki, explained

Mµblogging messages by friends of the user account for the kabo-list-wiki on twitter
Read the page twitter friends kabo-list-wiki without explanations.

This page contains an inclusion of the recent Mµs posted by friends of the user account twitter - kabo-list-wiki twitter - kabo-list-wiki.

The [[soup_-_group_twitter_friends_kabo-list-wiki?]] displays the complete history and provides the twitter-friends-kabo-list-wiki-feed which is included into the page twitter friends kabo-list-wiki. The soup group imports the [[friendfeed_-_list_twitter_friends_kabo-list-wiki?]] which is triggered by the [[friendfeed_-_group_twitter_friends_kabo-list-wiki?]].

This page includes the feed provided by the user account on twitter directly without aggregating it in friendfeed and It updates a little faster.

See also the pages twitter kabo-list-wiki, twibes group kabo-wiki and twitter tag KaboWiki.

This page is included into the page friends kabo-list-wiki friends kabo-list-wiki. It makes part of the search queries in the kabo-list-wiki. To update it [[force_a_refresh?]], please.

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This page includes the recent 30 Mµs posted by friends of the user account twitter - kabo-list-wiki. To see the complete history click the [[soup_-_group_twitter_friends_kabo-list-wiki?]] and scroll down to the end of the page.

Define external redirect: force a refresh friendfeed - list twitter friends kabo-list-wiki friendfeed - group twitter friends kabo-list-wiki soup - group twitter friends kabo-list-wiki