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  • 06:39 UTC How To Style Your Hair Using Argan Oil

    Argan Oil For Hair Styling:

    Yes! There is an organic oil version for hair stylists which may be required for daily routines or work purposes in the respective industry. While many has    given up on the hope for haircare treatment and fancy decorations, this product seeks to compromise between beauty and wellness, fulfilling your needs in    each and every possible way.

    How much Argan oil should I use?

    First of all, there is no definite volume for measurement as the amount needed varies from an individual to another depending on hair condition, length and    type. In fact, this is a specialized topic which requires absolute adjustment during the process and may need some trials to identify the ideal amount to    be placed on your hair.

    Fret not, this article aims to provide a tutorial for amateurs who are unsure on the entire process a detailed report and critical explanation for maximum    success rate.

    Recommendation For Beginners:

    The first ever step of any hair style is to experiment with small incremental amounts such as adequate 2 teaspoons, following by gradual increase when    deemed necessary. You may need to undergo tremendous efforts in identifying an ideal spray head which is both durable and fixating small amounts without    any wastage upon dispense.

    Haircare Styles Solutions

    No matter What, No matter Where, No matter When … Utmost assurance on both hair protection and style, remaining assertive and affirmative all day long.

    Weaknesses: Brittle, Frizzy, Dry, Unmanageable, Coarse, Straight, Coily, Curly and Wavy

    Solutions: Straighten Hair, Natural Curls Enhancer, Reduce Frizzles and All-day Shininess

    Directly apply argan oil on your hair without any other hair styling products, this will almost guarantee you a durable, natural and flexible grip without    much stiffness and stickiness. Do not add any supporting effects or haircare treatments as it may be counter productive due to over-optimization on micro    scalps.

    For curls enhancement, use a proper curling iron (certified from Guardian or Walmart) prior to boosting volume and magnifying curls to be Japanese-like.

    In order to mitigate hair breakage and hair contact, you may need to apply argan oil hair products to a damped hair, best after a refreshing shower, prior    to utilizing a blow dryer and round-style comb to open wavy hair.

    For those who insists on having a simplistic style, you can organize a polished look or air dry after applications.

    To summarize argan oil context, not only does your hair observes weightless-hold hairstyle, long-lasting which protects and nourishes hair from piping hot    thermal environmental factors.

  • 06:20 UTC Homemade Argan Oil Egg Yolk Based Mask Recipe

     In this article, there would be a step-by-step recipe procedure in achieving the final product, Homemade-Argan-Oil-Egg-Yolk mask. A  word of caution is to prepare extra ingredients and content as there may be some areas which are quite greyish and requires modification without warning.    

       Tip: You can edit the criteria or steps according to your level of comfort without any worry due to the harmless nature in this guide.

    Without further ado, the requisites of this secret sauce is:

    # 1 Teaspoon of Argan Oil : This is the first and most crucial step as without arganic content, the entire recipe may fail to provide the core nutrients.        
    Reason: This is an organic source which gives the best value to its final mixed hence presence of Argan is needed under all circumstances. The purpose        of this touch is to ensure that the recipe is well-defined and suited for application.    

     # 1 Teaspoon of Honey: Being a natural product, similar to Argan Oil haircare, Honey is needed to soothe mask and provides a gentle soft touch for        clean usage. The smooth feel of the mask is actually derives from honey without a doubt!        
    Reason: There is an obligatory matter to include this sweet favorite as the final material’s popularity is highly dependent of it. It may be unwise not        to include honey as the feeling will not be satisfactory though yielding good results.    

    # 1 Egg Yolk: Another core fundamental is having an egg yolk. How could the recipe ever work without its core feature?        
    Reason: There is an absolute need for this ingredient else all above done will be wasted. The egg yolk provides key nutrients to the mask before        supplying on your hair, acting as the main ingredient for hair mask. Yolk, derives from an Egg, has the most amount of nutrients as it has the ability        to create life – a chick!    

    # 1 Teaspoon of Olive Oil & Castor Oil: While anyone may argue their way out, both ingredients are necessary to proceed and act as ancillary   assistance to the hair mask recipe. In short, we can say that these secondary content is as important as the primary ones supporting the full features.        
    Reason: There is no harm enhancing the mask with appropriate and moderate ancillaries. In fact, having both organic oils is an essential step to derive        with a powerful hair mask gel, providing even more features to your hair and act as a healthy treatment routine.    

    A short succinct guide in having the final mixture up:

    Step One: Place the Egg Yolk based in a evaporating dish/plate/bowl – This is to build the foundation on the end product as the most ‘solid’ base is        the egg shape.    

    Step Two: Pour down Honey (slow motion) – This is to enhance the base foundation being laid down by the yolk. It is quite sticky hence the enhancer        effects.    

    Step Three: Mix content well by stirring vigorously and flipping for some time – This is for mixture consistency and ingredients being spread out        evenly.    

    Step Four: Apply this mask with the following tutorial – Start off from the roots then to the tip of your hair. An advice is to proceed with a wet hair        for a smooth transition but not a must.    

    Step Five: Leave the hair serum on your head for approximately half an hour to 45 minutes – Your hair will be taken care of in a pampered manner, just seat back and enjoy!    

    Step Six: Rinse off all content thoroughly without sparing a thought – Try to wash off using a gentle shampoo and rubbed diligently on all areas.    

    Outcome: Your hair would feel pampered and real smooth, having a baby feeling. This short tutorial guide can allow you to have a temporary protection    against harsh weather conditions such as direct heat rays and polluted environments. The last thing you want is a damaged hair style, demoralizing        outlooks and dull facial expressions!    

  • 06:18 UTC Health Benefits Of Culinary Argan Oil

     Best Established Cooking Oil In The World

    What is Culinary Argan Oil?

    The very first question in everyone’s mind is the nature and history of this unique oil product, a god-send edible catalyst, which has the ability to heal    diseases and illness without advanced medical science and technologies.

    In order for us to answer this miraculous elixir, it is of utmost certainty to understand the History of Argan Oil. Culinary, a direct relation to cooking, recognizes the need for Argan Oil to receive some kind of cooking before being declared officially edible.

    The process of Culinary Argan Oil:

    To dealt with uncooked nuts being gathered from Argan Trees, light cooking is a mandatory course. These nuts are being lightly roasted or toasted to form a    peculiar greasy substance with a tagged name; Moroccan Liquid Gold. Upon being roasted, argan oil produced a nutty flavor and can be tasted once consumed.    Most of the time, it is being used as a catalyst for wholemeal bread or whipping out healthy dishes.

    Preserving Freshness in Argan Oil:

       #1 Storing or Holding Period – Culinary Oil can only be kept in reserve for less than 4 months, any longer is deemed impure or contaminated. While it may    be seemingly demanding for a short 4 months period, this is to ensure that the freshness index is not being compromised. Should a longer period receives    justification, do remember to lightly shake the oil. This may activate good inactive bacteria to better aid your decisions.

       #2 Avoid Overcooking at all cost – No, deep frying and immense heat is strictly prohibited. In order for good bacteria to survive, mild-heat is strongly    advisable instead of usual unhealthy deep-frying method. There is no doubt that immense heat will kill the good bacteria being retained in the Culinary    Oil. The disadvantage of Culinary Oil is that it is unable to withstand intense cooking where else its competitor, Olive Oil, has the ability to withstand    such heat. Nonetheless, avoid any overcooking as it is regarded as a Moral Hazard to your health.

    As you can see, Culinary Oil is edible but has the same issue as all consumables, a short lifespan. Be it dipping in wholemeal bread or using as a cooking    catalyst, it must be consumed within a short four months period else being deemed impure and subjected to wastage.

    Where can use Culinary Oil?

    In the past before technology and research are being identified, Culinary Oil is mere a tool for whipping basic dishes like roasted nuts and vegetables.    This is a tradition for Berber community as it brings health benefits to them regardless of any unknown diseases, often regarded as uber-substances.

    Fast forward to today’s modernize context, it is said to be useful in tens if not hundreds of ways. Research groups are formed to gather concrete evidence    regarding new alternative methods in using Argan Oil. Therefore, many statements and feedback are being collated, tested and proven to be useful for this    miracle elixir, Culinary Argan Oil.

       1. Substitute as Spice: It can be used as a flavor-enhancer in plain or dry dishes given its Nutty Flavor. Assuming daily mundane bread consumption,    Culinary Argan Oil can act as a butter-spread on the wholemeal bread and add a nutty taste for better appetite. Another alternative is regarding cooking    method, it can be replicate as cooking oil and whipped out healthier dishes as compared to tradition poly-saturated cooking oils.

       2. Replacement of Sauces: Culinary Argan Oil has the special ability to craft out different tastes on different types of food. For dry food such as bread,    it serves as a moisturizer for comfort on mouth. When it comes to damp ones, it serves as a savory to the dishes. As for hybrid mixtures such as Pizzas or    Pastas, Culinary Argan Oil acts as toppings which are nutty in flavor, a unique delicacy to our taste buds.

       3. Healthy Salad Bars: Eliminate or Stop using Thousand Island sauces on salad, these are unhealthy fats and defeats the entire purpose of healthy    consumption. Instead, use Culinary Argan Oil as dressings to the salads and a healthy assurance is inevitable. In addition, Moroccans personnel often use    this oil in their daily necessities due to its irreplaceable benefits.

    Case Studies: Benefits of Culinary Argan Oil

    In recent years, many case studies are being formed in order to approved Culinary Argan Oil in terms of consumption as well as external usage – dressing    wounds or attending to affected areas. Culinary Argan Oil has its benefits; Treating Arthritis, Reducing Cholesterol, Anti-cancer properties     ,Healthy Diet and many more.

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