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2010-08-20 Talk

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over the limit

Mattis Manzel:
Ok, there are limits and I’m learning about them. I have been adding all kind of more or less useful feeds for months to the wikis in the kabo-wiki-hive in order to find out about the limits of feed aggregation in oddmuse. On the various “sub-wikis” (= name spaces) I recognized a moderate slow down that is still acceptable considering the various feed inclusions. “I’m getting closer to the limit.” I thought. Then, returning to care for the main wiki kabo-wiki-hive which I hadn’t touched for a while, I realized that I’m already far over the limit. Feeds for the main wiki can’t be burned in feedburner anymore (feed validator says time out) and it is awfully slow.

I’m going to deactivate high traffic feeds on the kabo-wikis: blog-, video-, friends-xxx-wiki-feeds to see if the main wiki returns to normal speed.

Started with what hurts most: the one big xxx pages in the whoRthey-wiki. To see if there’s any effect. I’m not sure if there is.