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< Jonty is standing in [Main:Imaginexus/The_Town_Square The Town Square].


> Jonty is standing in [OddWiki:Imaginexus/The_Town_Square The Town Square].
> : [OddWiki:LoseTheGame/HomePage losethegame.com wikis]


Jonty is standing in The Town Square.

losethegame.com wikis

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Hey Mattis, where’s the best place for me to communicate with you? I’m just downloading that chat thing, looks pretty cool. Maybe you should decrease the padding around the title (where it says ‘Jonty’ in big letters above) coz there is a lot of space there. Let me know if you want me to do it.

MattisManzel: Hey Jonty. Whereever exept the pages containing jokes should be fine for communication, user-pages - like now, classical - or the talk best.
I have no idea on how to change the padding, go try to improve whatever. We can change thigs back - as long as the muse’s history goes back at least, (wich is not infinite).

For the chat, you can use peekko in Firefox or whatever irc-client configured to irc.pekkoo.com a n d port 8080 (which is not default). See the [[kabo-wiki_chat?]]. l8ers

Hi Jonty. Long time no see. How goes?

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