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2006-05-01 Talk

Hi, I didn’t realise this page existed. I feel jokepedia gives a bit more information to new users about editing. I see your point about the ‘pedia’ but I had hoped that ultimately it would give information about each joke, such as its origins and where its used, and also variations of the same joke. Also, I know the term wiki should be completely independent of Wikipedia, but most people associate the word with WikiMedia? sites. I don’t really want my joke site to be associated in this way. Let me know what you think. ~~~~

MattisManzel: Well, decisions should be taken soon. It wouldn’t be bu an hour of work in two to transfer it. I would help. The pedia thingy mean for children in Greek, has its reason somewhere in the etymology of encyclopedia. Wikipedia is a wiki, the most successful, it has an encyclopedia concept. Others have not. Making a wiki and telling jokes and having some encyclopic facts go along with it is ok. But we want to tell jokes, Lets do it in a wiki, not in an encyclopedia.

I could pull this one up to a bliki, with day-pages, for the joke input ;) What you think?

On the other hand insultopedia sounds funny and it has a more encyclopdaedic access. It stresses the fact that we look for interesting facts on insults, which in fact are very interesting under apects of lingual-science. I like -pedia here. Insult-wiki sounds lame.

Heyho, blikified the joke-wiki

an idea for the header? Should be a mega-laughing crowd or something

must be 740 x 195

– Jonty 2006-05-04 10:46 UTC

me no cunt

– Anonymous 2006-05-15 13:05 UTC

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