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What determines the wiki-net of the hack-Babel-wiki?

The http://kabowiki.org/pics/Pic.301.png pages or day-page-sets providing http://kabowiki.org/pics/Pic.302.png rss-feeds. The feeds are included into the pages

http://kabowiki.org/pics/Pic.303.png all … in the kabo-list-wiki http://kabowiki.org/pics/Pic.304.png wiki-net … http://kabowiki.org/pics/Pic.305.png one big … in the whoRthey-wiki.
Read [[what_is_a_day-page?]].

changes changes changes-feed changes-feed

kabo-wiki-hive - all changes [[all_changes?]] wiki-net changes wiki-net changes whoRthey-wiki - one big change [[one_big_change?]]

day-page-sets day-page-sets day-page-sets-feed day-page-sets-feed

kabo-list-wiki - all day-page-sets [[all_day-page-sets?]] wiki-net day-page-sets wiki-net day-page-sets whoRthey-wiki - one big day-page-set [[one_big_day-page-set?]]

face face face-feed face-feed

kabo-list-wiki - all faces [[all_faces?]] wiki-net faces wiki-net faces whoRthey-wiki - one big face [[one_big_face?]]

http://kabowiki.org/pics/Pic.39.png all wikis all-wikis-feed [[all-wikis-feed?]]

kabo-list-wiki - all wikis all wikis http://kabowiki.org/pics/Pic.39.png whoRthey-wiki - one big all wikis [[one_big_all_wikis?]]

local page names local page names local-names-feed local-names-feed

kabo-list-wiki - all local names [[all_local_names?]] wiki-net local names wiki-net local names whoRthey-wiki - one big local name [[one_big_local_name?]]

Mµs #hackbabe Mµs #hackbabel Mµ-feed #hackbabe [[Mµ-feed?]]

kabo-list-wiki - all Mµs [[all_Mµs?]] wiki-net Mµs wiki-net Mµs whoRthey-wiki - one big Mµ [[one_big_Mµ?]]

soup soup soup-feed soup-feed

kabo-list-wiki - all soups [[all_soups?]] wiki-net soups wiki-net soups whoRthey-wiki - one big soup one big soup

talk talk talk-feed talk-feed

kabo-list-wiki - all talk [[all_talk?]] wiki-net talk wiki-net talk whoRthey-wiki - one big talk [[one_big_talk?]]

web-site list web-site list web-site-list-feed web-site-list-feed

kabo-list-wiki - all web-site lists [[all_web-site_lists?]] wiki-net lists wiki-net lists whoRthey-wiki - one big web-site list [[one_big_web-site_list?]]

who help who help who-help-feed who-help-feed

kabo-list-wiki - all who help [[all_who_help?]] http://kabowiki.org/pics/Pic.39.png whoRthey-wiki - one big help [[one_big_help?]]

wiki idea wiki idea wiki-idea-feed wiki-idea-feed

kabo-list-wiki - all wiki ideas [[all_wiki_ideas?]] wiki-net wiki ideas wiki-net wiki ideas whoRthey-wiki - one big wiki idea [[one_big_wiki_idea?]]

wiki-net wiki-net wiki-net-feed wiki-net-feed

kabo-list-wiki - all wiki-nets [[all_wiki-nets?]] http://kabowiki.org/pics/Pic.39.png whoRthey-wiki - one big wiki-net [[one_big_wiki-net?]]

Define external redirect: one big web-site list what is a day-page all wiki-nets one big all wikis all faces one big wiki idea one big help one big change one big wiki-net all talk all changes all wiki ideas all who help all-wikis-feed all local names all web-site lists Mµ-feed one big talk all Mµs one big face all day-page-sets one big day-page-set one big Mµ one big local name all soups