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< The [[image:Pics:Pic.317.png|soup|Soup]] [[soup]] of the Greenland-wiki is provided by the user account<br>
< [[image:Pics:Pic.416.png|soup - Greenland-wiki|]] [[soup - Greenland-wiki]].
< Pages for web-services distributing our soup into further web-services:


> The ingredients of our [[image:Pics:Pic.317.png|soup|Soup]] [[soup]] are the [[image:Pics:Pic.296.png|changes|Changes]] [[changes]] and the various<br>
> [[image:Pics:Pic.386.png|day-page-sets|DayPageSets]] [[day-page-sets]].
> ===== web-services forwarding our soup =====


< Pages for web-services importing the soup of the Greenland-wiki:


> ===== web-services including our soup =====

front - face

connected web-services

Web-services the Greenland-wiki is connected to

Pics:Pic.39.png Pics:Pic.39.png ← = is included into the Greenland-wiki from the page xxx

The ingredients of our soup soup are the changes changes and the various
day-page-sets day-page-sets.

web-services forwarding our soup
web-services including our soup

Pages for web-services importing the day-page-sets face face, talk talk and web-site list web-site list:

home pages for the Greenland-wiki
shortened web addresses
chat, video conference

The page tinychat Greenland includes a chat and video conference room:
Pics:Pic.39.pngtinychat - Greenland tinychat - Greenland

statistics, visualization

The page [[touchgraph_Greenland-wiki?]] visualizes the relationship to friends of the user account facebook - Greenland-wiki facebook - Greenland-wiki.
Pics:Pic.39.pngtouchgraph - Greenland-wiki

twitter directories

The user account twitter - Greenland-wiki twitter - Greenland-wiki is listed in:

other web-services

The twingly - channel Greenland provides no feed.

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