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2011-04-04 Talk

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I created the user account tumblr - Greenland-wiki tumblr - Greenland-wiki included into the page tumblr Greenland-wiki.

The eye of the needle remains at the very beginning of the chain: the inclusion of the [[changes-direct-feed?]] (provided directly by the [[oddmuse?]] wiki software) into the friendfeed - group Greenland-wiki changes. Last week I had tested an extra soup group just for the direct-feed which did update. It made the posts become too long though, so I removed it again. Friendfeed took four days to recover from the hiccup this test has caused! Today it finally updated again, pueh. After triggering the update manually that is.

Some day when the basic technical problems are at least 2/3 solved (not only 1/2 solved like they are now) we’re even going to go Greenland here! People of Greenland, better be prepared. ;)

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