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2010-04-28 Talk

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ting Greenland

Mattis Manzel:
The page MeetingWords - ting Greenland MeetingWords - ting Greenland runs the EtherPad? collab-editor software. It synchronizes in real-time. You type something and everybody connected to the page sees it immediately. Everybody can correct you immediately, you see the corrections immediately. It’s fun, try it out.

Tings have been the council gathering of the Vikings. There might even have been ting sites located in southern Greenland during the medieval Viking settlings. Dunno [1]. Modern time tings take place in the internet.

Topic proposals are welcome for tings but they often do follow their own dynamics. See it as a writing jam-session that is copied to a wiki page soon afterwards. A short summary of the ting tells about it on the respective day-page ting Greenland ting Greenland and links to the full text archive page of the ting in the Greenland-wiki. The MeetingWords page is cleared for the next ting.

If interested in a little Greenland ting experiment leave a note on the page MeetingWords - ting Greenland, please. We’ll make an appointment for a first ting Greenland then.

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