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2009-02-26 Talk

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The purpose of this page is to inform about Eastgreenland

Mattis Manzel:
Hey, CarlErik. Thanks for tying out. Probably of help is the oddmuse handbook - but I understand only a minor part of the pretty complex materia myself. It’s well written though. The user documentation is best for you.

Cu l8er

l8er: I applied the css, kind of a “dress” moving buttons to different places, adding some pictures and such. The wiki is basically still what you saw before, just not “naked” anymore. ;) You can fit to different screen sizes using ctr + “+” or ctr + “-” btw.

Hm, as stated on Community:BigBucketsFirst, well, for Grønland we’ll probably find two or three who help in the wiki, excluding West-Grønland it might be one less, which is fatal.

Greenland in English might be the far better choice, dunno. Sure I like the “ø” letter but tell me, GreenLand in the url in the address bar and Greenland-wiki as an actual title. Is it more neutral? All Greenlanders should be able to like it, know? I should restart it then, no prob, 15 min of work now (more if we decide to do it later).

Can I take one of your landscape pics on facebook and excerpt a foto for the header of this wiki from it? It will have a cc-license including the foto, if you don’t oppose.

G’night pal

k, Greenland-wiki. Pretty much everybody speaks English up there, I suppose. I’m uncertain which one I like better actually.

The picture for the header is taken from here (by Kim Hansen, thanks), for the logo from here.