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feeds complete, explained

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    Reasons for leakage  

    • The weeping tiles are blocked    
    • Crack in the foundation or the surface    
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  • 08:15 UTC Sump Pump Installation

    Sump pumps are used to remove water that collect in a sump pit. Sump pits, are used in basement homes to collect water that may be under the foundation of collect in the basement from broken water lines. The water typically gets into a basement because of rain or because of natural ground water, if the basement is below the water table level.

    Sump pumps are also used if your houses lower floor is lower that the sewer lines that are used to carry the waste away. You have to raise your waste water up to get it into the sewer. Sump pumps are typically installed in basements where flooding is seen as a problem, but are also used where the water table    is normally above the foundation of a home. Sump pumps move water away from a house so that it will no longer present a problem. Some older houses may have their sump pumps installed to the city sewer, but this is no longer allowed by code because it can overload the sewage treatment plant.

    Sump pumps are normally wired into your home’s electrical system, and should have a battery backup. Instead of electricity some sump pump systems use the homes water pressure to power the sump pump. If your pump is working a lot you may want to install a backup sump pump for incase your main pump fails or in case you have lot of water from rain.

    In general there are two main types of sump pump systems, Submersible and Pedestal.

    Submersible sump pumps sit inside the sump pit and use a submersible motor. These types have a cover over the pit and are less intrusive and easer to hide away.

    Pedestal sump pumps have the motor sitting above the water with a collection pipe in the sump pit. With the motor sticking up in the air they are not as easy to hide away and    may be nosier that the submersible pumps.

    There is no real advantage to either type other than looks. Both move the same amount of water and are maintained in the same way. Backup pumps are almost always used when you have a finished basement because there is a need to protect your investment.

    Sump pump installation can be a do it yourself project if you are handy but remember you are working with water and electricity. If you are the least bit    unsure get a professional to help. You will also need to check on what the code is for your area as to how and where you can drain the water. Some areas may require that you have a filtering system to capture any oils of chemicals that may end up in the pit. So before doing a sump pump installation check your skill sets and codes.

  • 08:13 UTC Sump Pump Basin

    In the earlier times, proper basement waterproofing systems were not built into the homes which these days lead to the problem of wet basements. However,    you can get rid of it using an easy alternative – Sump Pump Basin. First of all, you have to diagnose what the problem actually is and if    you think a sump pump basin is suitable, you can install it in your home using the steps listed as under:

    Check the Basement

    This is the first step that would tell you if the Sump Pump Basin is actually required in your home or not. Checking the basement on normal days might not tell you what the exact problem is but when you check it during rain, you would get to know what the reason for the wet basement    actually is. For example, it might be the case that your drains are clogged or the downspouts might be bringing back the flow of water to your house. It would be good to check in the beginning itself that the problem would be actually solved by sump pump basin.

    Check the Gravel

    In most of the cases, the homes were built on the gravel foundations. You would need to know the exact level of the gravel before proceeding further. If    you cannot locate the builder of the home now, it would be wise to ask the neighbors having similar kinds of homes.

    Choose a Location

    The place where you would locate the sump needs to be decided beforehand. Make sure that this location is near the wall. Since a hole would need to ne   punched in the basement, choose a place where this task could be done easily. Also, do not go too close to the foundation wall, as it might be dangerous    for the home.

    Trace the Outline

    Once you have selected the location, the next thing you would have to do is to trace the outline around the location. Remember to leave a gap of at least 3    inches so that concrete could be filled into that space later on.

    Remove the Floor

    Now, when you have planned for the location and everything, it is the time for some real action. First of all, you would need to remove the floor using an    electric jackhammer. If you do it manually, it might take a lot of time.

    Dig Sump Hole

    As soon as the concrete floor is removed, you would see softer debris inside. You would need to dig a hole. Make sure that you dig a hole, deep enough for    the sump to be fitted into it. And before going to the next step, it would be a nice idea to put some gravel in this hole. Also put gravel around the    liner.

    Concrete Back

    To make the surface smooth again, you would need to concrete the floor back again. A 6 inch concrete layer would be enough to do the job. However, you can  choose the thickness as per your wish.

    Install the Pump

    Now the sump has been dug, the next step is to install the pump. For that, you would need to grab a PVC pipe and attach it to the sump pump outlet. You   must dry fit the things so as to reduce the risks and based upon the structure of the house, you might need to follow a different method for installing the    sump pump.

    Float Position is Important

    You would; also need to check the float position of the pump in order to be sure that it is perfect for your home. When the water reaches that particular    float position, the pump gets switched on. This might also depend on your local area and the structure of your home.

    Install Check Valve and Plug in the Pump

    When the pump turns off, no water should remain in the pipe and this can be ensured only by a check valve. So, install it properly and once everything is   done, you can plug in the pump and test it to make sure that it is working properly.

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