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You reach the page front / blog with a
click on title of the wiki.


Instructions for copying parts of the empty-wiki over to your new kabo-wiki to get going with a wiki-netified and blikified kabo-wiki faster

You see all pages on this wiki by clicking the magnifying-glass up to the right without entering text to search for.

It’s the most convenient way to copy over the css first. Then copy [[special?]]. You can create most other pages from the links on it. More links can be found on Administration to the right.

A likely problem
You can’t create a page locally but instead you’re taken to a page of that name but on another wiki.

When trying to create a page by clicking a link on another page it’s possible that you are redirected to an existing page of the desired title but on a different wiki - like on community-wiki. This is due to the sister-links feature that automatically redirects you to other wikis - as defined on the NearMap and the InterMap - if the page doesn’t exist on your wiki but already exists on any of the defined wikis. In that case you find a line starting “Create this page locally:” at the very end of the page that the link to the page you want to create is on. Click the desired page-name in the lowest line and you will be taken to the new empty local page on your kabo-wiki.

To be copied over to your wiki entirely or partly are

1.) css
2.) [[special?]]

When you copy pages your activities will be visible on kabo-wiki-hive: hive changes. Pretty likely someone will see them there and give you a hand. We like to help. :)
Thanks for your help on refining these instructions.

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