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wiki list The day-page-set for the list of kabo-wikis with a home page in the en-kabo-center-wiki
Read the page wiki list, explained.

The xxx list in which wikis do we watch? Who is watching the wiki list in the en-kabo-center-wiki? See the wiki-net lists wiki-net lists.

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2014-05-23 WikiList

kabo-wiki-hive - en-kabo-center-wiki

wiki list [[kabo-wiki-hive_-_en-kabo-center-wiki_-_wiki_list?]] wiki-list-feed [en]

The kabo-wikis with an interface in English have a home page in the [[en-kabo-center-wiki?]].

hive wikis:

  1. [[en-kabo-center-wiki?]], for all kabo-wikis in English
    en-kabo-center-wiki - en-kabo-center-wiki [en]
  2. [[en-kabo-empty-wiki?]], copy templates for the basic wiki-net page structure over into a new kabo-wiki
    en-kabo-center-wiki - en-kabo-empty-wiki [en]
  3. [[en-kabo-sand-wiki?]], try out kabo-wiki
    en-kabo-center-wiki - en-kabo-sand-wiki [en]
  4. [[kabo-list-wiki?]], the list-wiki for the main wiki aggregates the kabo-wikis in all languages
    → [[en-kabo-center-wiki_-_kabo-list-wiki?]] [en]+[xx]-
  5. [[kabo-wiki-hive?]], the multilingual main wiki
    → [[en-kabo-center-wiki_-_kabo-wiki-hive?]] [de]+[en]+[fr]+
  6. [[local-names-sand-wiki?]], try out the local names
    en-kabo-center-wiki - local-names-sand-wiki [en]
  7. [[multilingual-sand-wiki?]], try out a multilingual wiki interface
    en-kabo-center-wiki - multilingual-sand-wiki [de]+[en]+[fr]+

other wikis:

  1. [[carrotmob-wiki?]], for carrotmob reverse buycott worldwide
    → [[en-kabo-center-wiki_-_carrotmob-wiki?]] [en]+[xx]-
  2. [[e-learning-center-wiki?]], for web-sites about e-learning
    en-kabo-center-wiki - e-learning-center-wiki [en]
  3. [[game-ideas-wiki?]], to collect ideas for real-life and computer games
    en-kabo-center-wiki - game-ideas-wiki [en]
  4. [[Greenland-wiki?]], for Greenland
    → [[en-kabo-center-wiki_-_Greenland-wiki?]] [en]+[xx]-
  5. [[hack-Babel-wiki?]], for wikis enabling multilingual communication
    → [[en-kabo-center-wiki_-_hack-Babel-wiki?]] [en]
  6. [[jokes-wiki?]], to collect jokes in different languages and translate them
    → [[en-kabo-center-wiki_-_jokes-wiki?]] [en]+[xx]-
  7. [[Kilifi-wiki?]], for the town and region Kilifi on the coast of Kenya
    → [[en-kabo-center-wiki_-_Kilifi-wiki?]] [en]+[sw]-
  8. [[local-names-wiki?]], local names for web-sites not part of the wiki-net
    → [[en-kabo-center-wiki_-_local-names-wiki?]] [en]
  9. [[Lug-center-wiki?]], for wikis used by Linux user groups worldwide
    en-kabo-center-wiki - Lug-center-wiki [en]
  10. [[multilingual-wiki?]], for multilingual web-sites, to translate text on multilingual wiki pages
    → [[en-kabo-center-wiki_-_multilingual-wiki?]] [en]+[xx]-
  11. [[slang-wiki?]], to translate text into different slangs and dialects of the English language
    en-kabo-center-wiki - slang-wiki [en]
  12. [[superstition-wiki?]], for web-sites about what is commonly called “superstition”
    en-kabo-center-wiki - superstition-wiki [en]
  13. [[whoRthey-wiki?]], aggregates the wikis in the one big soup
    → [[en-kabo-center-wiki_-_whoRthey-wiki?]] [en]
  14. [[wikileaks-wiki?]], for and about wikileaks, whistleblowing, Anonymous and friends
    → [[en-kabo-center-wiki_-_wikileaks-wiki?]] [en]
  15. [[word-of-the-day-wiki?]], to archive words of the day
    en-kabo-center-wiki - word-of-the-day-wiki [en]
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Restructured the list.


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