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what is a day-page

A day-page belongs to a set of day-pages. It is a wiki-page for a certain day.

Read this page multilingual kabo-wiki-hive - what is a day-page.

The title of a day-page consists of the date + the name of the day-page set it belongs to. You can edit a day-page just like every other wiki-page.
For example 2006-05-28_Talk.

The central page of a day-page set is called mother-page.
The title of the mother-page consists of the name of the day-page set + Pages. All day-pages of the set get included at the end of the mother-page, newest on top.

All day-page sets provide their own calendars and rss-feeds that add new entries on top. See [[what_determines_our_wiki-net?]].

There are several day-page-sets on the ‘kabo-list-wiki’

Our wiki-net is triggered by the contents of the pages:

Synchronize our wiki-net and the respective pages manually, please.

Steps to modify a day-page

  1. Go to the mother-page of a day-page-set.
  2. Click edit today’s “name-of-the-day-page-set”
  1. If not yet in edit mode go to edit this page to the right.
  2. Edit the day-page.
  3. Save it.

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