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tinychat kabo-wiki

The chat and video conference room about kabo-wiki on tinychat

We use the room tinychat - kabo-wiki tinychat - kabo-wiki.

See its inclusion below.

The chat about the wiki-net, see the page odd-wiki-hive - 'wiki-net' - tinychat wiki-net, takes place in English and other languages in the room tinychat - wiki-net tinychat - wiki-net. Many wikis in the wiki-net include its entrance door locally. See the inclusion further down on this page.

Once you entered a room you can chat and exchange files with participants. You can save the text. Or click start broadcasting to activate the transmission of data from your microphone and camera.

Inclusion of the room tinychat - kabo-wiki:

The inclusions are currently deactivated.

 <script>var tinychat = { room: “kabowiki”}; </script> <script src=“"></script> <div id=“client”></div>

Inclusion of the room tinychat - wiki-net:

 <script>var tinychat = { room: “wikinet” }; </script> <script src=“"></script> <div id=“client”></div>

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