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start a new wiki

How to start a new kabo-wiki?

Two steps, the second step is optional:

1.) create the raw kabo-wiki

Estimated time: about one minute

Enter the NameOfYourWiki and click “Go!”. Edit the new kabo-wiki once to create it.

The name of your wiki must start with a capital letter (A-Z) or a non-ASCII character, and it may only contain letters (A-Z, a-z) or non-ASCII characters (eg. no punctuation).

The word wiki will be contained in the address of your new wiki ( Please evite to repeat Wiki when choosing the name. The urls of all your new wiki pages will be by four letters shorter.

Name of your wiki:

See also the multilingual page kabo-wiki-hive - start a new wiki.

2.) dress up your new kabo-wiki and copy in the basic wiki-net page structure

Estimated time: an hour or two, depending on your copy and paste skills and the quality of instructions in the en-kabo-empty-wiki.

Follow the instructions.

Have a little chat with us for now. You can talk with us by clicking edit today's talk.

We look forward to talking to you!

There are advantages to create a new wiki in the right environment. So it’s best to look around what the “ideas” or “original intentions” are in different wiki-hives. Who is in the future neighborhood? The pages ideas behind different wiki-hives and kabo-wiki-hive - wiki-net hive-ideas help when taking a decision.

Other wiki hives, other ideas behind them, other neighborhood: