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messages for the kabo-wikis

2007-02-17, message 3, kabo-wikis scale to different screen sizes

The kabo-wikis using the centralized css scale fine to different screen sizes.

Use in

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message 2, no one-liners

Write two lines. One line can not be saved.

You can not save single-line contributions. This is an anti-spam measure, not a bug.

For example

“Hello Dolly”

can not be saved. Whereas




“Hello <br>

can be saved.

Just write two lines and everything works fine.

When making wiki-software work you have to find a balance between openness - Oddmuse is very open - and protection from spammers and vandals. We already have a pretty efficient anti-spam mechanism running in the background. But spam still occasionally happens and is indeed very annoying. As the major part of attacks to wikis are one-liners we decided to rule them out by allowing multiple line contributions only.

It’s more beautiful without spam. Write two lines, please.

message 1, full duplex

hi kabo-wikis,
We introduce:

1.) A message-system to communicate stuff important about the kabo-wiki-hive to the users of the kabo-wikis directly. On the page special of every kabo-wiki you find a link messages from kabo-wiki.

2.) A message-system for the users of the kabo-wikis to communicate to the kabo-wiki-hive directly. On the page special of every kabo-wiki you find a link to the kabo-wiki support/ talk. It takes you directly to the home page for the wiki in the en-kabo-center-wiki. Ask questions and make proposals on how to improve kabo-wiki. They will be read. Thanks.