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front - face

The e-learning-center-wiki is a center-wiki for wikis and other web-sites about e-learning. They have home pages in the e-learning-center-wiki. See our [WikiList? wiki-list], please.
Read aggregated information about the e-learning-center-wiki on the page en-kabo-center-wiki - e-learning-center-wiki.

There are e-learning-center-wikis in more languages. If you’d like to start one in your language we can help. Just talk to us.

Try wiki out in the sand-box. You find short wiki instructions in it.
No registration is required to edit. You should take a look at the [[messages_from_kabo-wiki?]] before though.

The e-learning-wiki-center sits in the [[kabo-wiki?]]-hive and runs on the free / open source [[Oddmuse?]] wiki software.
We also use [CleanLinking? clean linking] and local names in this wiki but feel free to write as you please. CamelCase? works, for example WikiNode.


Click face to see the face without the front and to edit the day-page-set.

2007-09-19 Face

kabo-wiki-hive / e-learning-wiki-center

kabo-wiki-hive / e-learning-wiki-center: face the rss-feed for the face of the e-learning-wiki-center

A center-wiki for wikis and other web-sites about e-learning has been set up: the e-learning-wiki-center.

You find wikis and other web-sites about e-learning on our [WikiList? wiki-list]. There is also an e-learning-wiki-Zentrum in German.

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