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front - face

Привет! Это wiki-сайт астраханской группы пользователей GNU/Linux (Astrakhan LUG). Read more about it on Astra-Lug.
Read aggregated information about the Astra-Lug-wiki on the page ru-kabo-centr-wiki - Astra-Lug-wiki.

Техническая информация о wiki

The sand-box is for trying wiki out. You find short wiki instructions in it.
Please take a look at the [[messages_from_kabo-wiki?]] before editing.

The Astra-Lug-wiki sits in the [[kabo-wiki-hive?]] and runs on the free / open source Oddmuse wiki software.
We also use [CleanLinking? clean linking] and local names in this wiki but feel free to write as you please. CamelCase? works, for example WikiNode.


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2007-10-08 Face

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The Astra-Lug-wiki for the Linux users group in Astrakhan, Russia has been set up in 2007-02. It’s a proposal for a Lug-wiki in Russian.

The Astra-Lug-wiki has been adapted to the latest wiki-net development.

Read more about the Linux users group in Astrakhan on Astra-Lug.

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